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Tlg Credprot And Chase / Unauthorized Charges to Credit Card

1 MA, United States

In October 2008, I recognized an unauthorized charge from TLG Credprot on my Chase Credit Card Statement for $120. I called the the number on my statement. A representative from TLG told me I had been "a member in good standing since 2003." He informed me that I was enrolled by my Financial Institution. I called Chase, to whom I pay $8 a month for fraud protection. They immediately canceled my card, and sent me another, which took over a week to arrive during which my automatic withdrawal for my Gym, Netflix, Fast Pass, etc all came up with insufficient funds warnings. Chase opened an investigation into the charges oscillating between crediting my account and then recharging me as the case got bumped between different fraud investigators. I made a told of 20 calls to chase in attempts to understand the issue. My internet research revealed a long-standing history of fraud between Chase and TLG. Eventually, a fraud claims person sent me a note to tell me that the charges for 2007 and 2008 were fraudulent, but that the first 4 charges were not. This made no sense given the fact that if one charge was fraudulent, all must have been. Fast forward to today, January 2009. My new statement from Chase arrived this morning with an unauthorized TLG charge on my new Credit Card account. Chase clearly has given them my information again as the new card was given to me to avoid being charged by TLG. Take-home message, check your statement and don't let these financial institutions off the hook for questionable dealings. It requires effort and illicits frustration, but we need to be willing to stand up for ourselves and not be bled my corporate dishonesty.

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