TLG Buyers Advantage / great fun - cancelled 10/16/2014 and charged $ 1.00

Oak Creek, United States

I had authorized Great Fun for a month for $ 1.00, and I emailed them to cancel my subscription on Oct.16, 2014 but I had noticed today that ... since Nov.2014 thru Jan. 2015 my bank account has been debited for $ 16.99. I spoke to Shane today and she informed me even though I sent a email, I had to speak to a representative...I believe that"s a whole lot of cr...p.

I really feel I'm entitled to a reimbursement...for these 3 payments of benefits I thought I cancelled.Confirmation # W152QJ5D ...The client always pays the price...I feel very frustrated...I have several health issues and I have to be checking on your company...

Jan 20, 2015

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