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I noticed a chage of $159.99 on my last statement for my Chase Visa. I called the number on the statement for the vendor and asked what it was for. They told me that it was my annual fee for emergency car service. I said I had never ordered it. They insisted that I had signed up in 2007 by endorsing a check for $9.00. I said I would not have done that and insisted that they remove the charge. They offered me $80 in coupons for my utility bills. I said no, I just want a credit for the full amount they charged my Visa. They said they would credit me for $121, which was "prorated". I complained to CHASE and they said I could not file a dispute because this was one of their "third party vendors"! I asked Chase to advise me of any other charges from this vendor. I was told there was the same charge made in Dec. 2008.

A few days later, after I received the $121 credit, I called TLG and insisted on a full credit. They explained that it had been "prorated" - I insisted that I wanted a full refund because I never signed up for their service - I asked for a copy of the check I had supposedly endorsed. The sweet-voiced woman said "Yes, of course, we'll send that out to you at this address...let me transfer you to a supervisor." I then spoke with a man who asked me what I wanted, and I told him I wanted a full refund of the $159.99 not only for this year but for last year, because I never signed up for this. He said okay! You will receive a full refund for both years withing the next 2 weeks. So I will check back and make sure that happens.

I think the bottom line is that if they think you will make trouble for them, by going to the BBB or taking them to Small Claims Court (which was my plan) - they will give your money back just to silence you. After all, there are millions of other suckers out there that they are ripping off. They really should be stopped, but at least it's good to know you can get your money back if you are obnoxious enough!

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  • Li
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    La Patti,
    Have your received your refund yet? Wow, yours is a real rip-off! We somehow got the $14.99 per month since 09/09 for some sort of membership. Called them last week and was able to get 4 out of 6 months to be refunded. The remaining 2 months requires a written request...just another bull s_it annoyance if you know what I mean. Anyway, the night I spent reading about these scams...and there are numerous ones going on...I noticed an ad in the right margin from the law firm Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah offering information about Trilegiant. I emailed the law firm my story that night and received a reply a couple of days later asking me if I'd be interested in speaking to one of their attorneys. After researching the firm and finding them to be legit, I agreed to the call which happened today. I'm so glad I wrote them. These practices must be stopped once and for all. If everyone who has been scammed by these creeps got together I'm sure it would be a formidable group of very cranky victims.

    For anyone who has not received COMPLETE resolution to any of these Trilegiant scams which involves about 14 entities, you have a friend in your corner. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Don't stop until you get every penny back they stole from you.

  • El
      14th of Dec, 2010
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    Building Class Action Information:

    Trilegiant Scam: HELP STOP IT!

    Trilegiant is behind more consumer abuse. Take action and contact Freed & Weiss - info @ freedweiss (dot) com (No Spaces), or call, toll free 866.779.9610

  • To
      24th of Jan, 2012
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    These people are crooks. Similar situation to the guy above...$159.99 charged on my credit card for auto insurance and I don't even own a car! How they got my "authorization" is beyond me. Talked to the clowns and they assured me the charge would be removed. I repeat, TLG AUTO are CROOKS! Better Business Bureau will be hearing from me.

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