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unauthorized charge - debit from account - fraud

I called after charges were made to my account without my knowledge. I called the bank and they said that these people do this often and that I need to call them and have them stop the transaction. Unbelievable! When I called the women was very rude. She said that their system was down and they couldn't help me. Then after saying I would not hang up until the charges were dropped the supervisor came one and said she wouldn't be able to get rid of the charges for seven days. Charges that were made to my account illegally! She said this was from signing up with something associated with Air Tran ( I have not bought any tickets from them for at least 2 months nor did I sign up for any program ) This is FRAUD. If I did not get alerts from my bank I would not have known about these charges. These people need to be shut down.

they stole my money

Just received my ssi check and all of a sudden I have a charge for $150.+ from someone called TLC Great Fun. Will call them tomorrow as it is now 10:39pm about getting my money back. Haven't a clue who they are and I sure as H==l can't afford to spend $150+ when I only get $900 a month to live on. They need to be put out of business, maybe the district attorney in their area can do something about it. Will see.

  • Pa
    Pam Leininger Nov 07, 2009

    They charged my debt card $14.99 and it was never authorized by me. I have no idea who they are or how they got my card information. I want this stopped. Acording to the computer they are scaming other people to. Is there anything that can be done to stop this?

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  • Mv
    mvcmac Dec 03, 2009

    I also have various charges from great fun since 9/2009 and i don't have a clue as to who they are. i have already complained to bank of america before because they also accessed my account from before but i was not able to have those charges reversed and in the end i just had to close the account because the charges will not stop. since then i have a new account and 3 months ago the same company called great fun has been charging me again!!! they charge my account $14.99 a month!!! I will be forwarding this info to the better business bureau someone needs to help all of us who were scammed by great fun! they have to be stopped!!!

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  • Mv
    mvcmac Dec 03, 2009

    tlc great fun is a scam

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  • Ed
    Edgardit0 Sep 20, 2011

    I have been getting charged $12.99/mth from this company for over a year without my consent; I have sent them an email to contact me immediately to give me a refund. I have also contacted my bank and opened a case against this merchant.

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debit card scam

I noticed a mysterious charge for $36.99 from TLG great Fun on my debit card statement. After researching online and finding they are being sued in a class action suite for scamming, I contacted them to demand the charges be reversed immediately. They did agree to reverse the charges and even gave me a confirmation #... who know's if that really means anything. Most importantly, what I discovered from my conversation with TLG Great Fun is that the obtained my debit card information from Classmates.com!!! Without my knowledge, classmates.com (with whom I had a very limited experience with long ago and no longer use) released my debit card information to these scammers without my permission! THAT MUST TO BE ILLEGAL RIGHT? Anyway, classmates.com agreement states

"6. THIRD-PARTY OFFERS.We may allow other companies to offer you products and services, including offers through our Website or via email. Whether or not you decide to participate in such an offer is up to you. Your participation in any of these offers, including payment and delivery of related goods or services and the terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such offers, is solely between you and the third-party company. You agree that Classmates shall not be liable for any costs or damages you may incur resulting from your decision to enter such transactions."

I have filed a complaint online with the consumeraffairs.com. I just hope they're for real and not scammers.

never bought anything & I neve heard of it two purchases where made on my cedit card unkown products

my name is Kathy Bradley I recieve a bill on my credit card for 2 purchaes made in aug I have never heard of tlg shoppers I never bought anything from them . when i called the cedit card company they said I made two purchases with tlg shoppers. When I told them that I did not make any purchases to Tlg shoppers . I never heard of them, they gave me the phone number and told me to call them to find out what was bought . So I called them I got a recording telling me this service is not in my area. If it is not in my area how could i buy something . I am being charge $94.00 for whatever was bought. I called my credit card copmany back and told him what I had learn about tlg shoppers. They are going investagate it. I ask them if their was anyway they could find out tlg shoppers was and what it was that I was suppose to have brought. How can i find out about this alg shoppers nd what was brought .I am not going to stop here. there are more places to turn ths in at. I hope they find them in lock them up and though away the key.I expect a answer from you kathy bradley. How can I pick a category of complain when I don`t know what was purchace? I guess i have to pick one out of the air, won`t I

unknown company charged my bank account

This is a company that I had never heard of, that is, until they snagged $14.99 out of my bank account. I tried to find out who these people were and how they got ahold of my name and credit card information. I have never signed up for 'shoppers advantage' nor have I ever heard of them until they took this out of my account. I've filed a fraud report against these people and am waiting for the money to be refunded to me. They also caused me to bounce in my bank account. I did find a number to call these people and the lady said she took me off. I told her that I had never signed up in the first place. Then, she wanted to offer me some coupons...I wanted out of whatever scheme this was...I said NO. She gave me a conformation number. It says I'm not a member, so we shall see what happens next month.
I am waiting for my bank to file fraud charges against these people. I have seen so many other people who were taken for much more than I was--I went back 6 months in my bank account to make sure this was the only fee that they took out! Somebody should put these people out of business!!!
Deb in SC

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unauthorized charge on credit card

Please read this! this is information you may all need those who were duped by great fun well firt the infor to get rid of it [protected] talk to sandra around 4:45-5:00 pm eastern time.
Yeah so I bought tickets to ft. luaderdale through price line.com they ask do you want to save ea certain percentage off 0/0 you order of the purchase you click yes everyone wants a deal right so you just bought the great fun card for $11.99 per month you get the card in the mail your like wha tis this it never said your billing cycle on it did it!
So ok I took it on vacation noone I mean no store geard of iot no one would use it no discoun t for me I was duped by price line sandra the lady who cancelled my account said you got this back in mm/dd/yyyy when you ordered your price line tickets to I was like what? how the hell did they buy my credit card number form price line??? thats the biggest question I got sure they did I didn't order a great fun cars but when it came in the mail I thought it was from like when you surf the web for the trip your going on and they send you out the welcome guide to that destination kinda thing but no they are billing me but *does any one know how to get that money back??? that the only thing I want to know it was that many months with out me catchin on to the billing it the whole (principality of the situation) now!! I don't like being decieved thats what that was just to get 11.99 a month from 100s of ftrangers who wopuld have never know if it weren';t for this board to tell about it!!!
Good luck guys I got mine cancelled if I see any more 11.99 coming out I am gonna bust out for sure!

unauthorized/unengaged charges to atm/debit card

On hold for over 1 hour as I write trying to receive credit for a year of unauthorized charges in the amount of $11.99 each (small enough to stay under radar). All the banks know about these people. Not illegal, but once they capture you in a rather sneaky way through a pop-up in an online purchase (movie tickets, for example) it is nearly impossible to get them to stop. They do not want to be contacted as evidenced by being left on hold "waiting for next available agent" for over an hour. Most people give up. If there is a pending charge, you can't dispute until it goes through. Phone number shown for merchant while it's pending shows up as [protected]. Phone number once it goes through is [protected]. I have reported them to FBI and will next file complaint with State's Attorney General. Advise everyone else to do the same. Your bank will only give you so much credit back. Once you get this charge, just get a new bank card and cancel the old one. This will at least stop these ### until banks or authorities do something about TLG. Very deceptive way of doing business (certainly not legitimate business practices). 1 hour and seven minutes. Still on hold.

  • To
    tonyruby Mar 25, 2011

    i was able to get through easily in the middle of the day. immediately asked to speak to supervisor and then told him that i had requested it be canceled when charges first started (a lie, but got the job done) i was able to get over 100 back (nearly all that they took) and got a pretty solid cancellation.

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With the many complaints that I have read about TLG I found interesting that HSBC is mentioned in many of them.
I have the same issue of unauthorized charges on my HSBC credit card. Since it is Saturday and I REALLY don't want to listen to recordings I have to start this mission Monday. well I will be trying to recoup the money involved and believe you me this will hit any news organization that will take it on also.
If you are in New York in any borough and have similar problems with TLG AND HSBC please please e-mail me with the info.
Thanks and good luck to us!

  • Da
    Danidin Mar 24, 2010

    This company has been deducting money (about $12) from my account every month without my authorization or supplying any services. I also never heard of them until today.

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took 12.99 a month for a year

I just checked my bank statement and seen a charge on there for 12.99. I went back as far as last Nov, 2008 and was charged. I called my bank who gave me this [protected] number. I called and she said Oh when you went online to AISonline.com you gave us permission to charge you. I said for what? She said, "Oh we have wonderful coupons." I said to her coupons? you just telling me about this after a year? Why do I not have anything from you?"OH we attempted to send you a membership package last Novemeber. Yea right I told her I want my money back. Oh let me give you a supervisor. I got one and she said she would give me 4 months of 12.99 back. So out of 142.89 I get back 51.96? No I dont think so. So I am trying to find out how to file a claim or prosecute these people. ANyone help me? THanks, Rita

unauthorized charge

My card was charged also. I just saw this today. Luckily I was looking at my bank account online and saw thi...

will not cancel did not sign up for

Did not receive any materials on this. Called in Aug 09 to cancel. Told could not unit Oct. I just want this cancelled. [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Fr
    frustrated13 Nov 05, 2009

    why are people so mean to people trying to get help...seriously whoever has a negative opinion towards something that has nothing to do with them whatsoever is just making Karma attack you more...negativety draws negative karma...so do us all a favor and go away negative people

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monthly payment on credit card

This company has been charging my credit card for several months. I called the number they gave to stop thi...

charge my debit card

TLG*FYE VIP [protected] NY They charged me $9.99 with out any authorization. I want it refunded to me and...

two cancelations and still getting charged

I agreed to a membership with tlg until i received their welcome package and it was nothing like what i agreed to join. I called and canceled the membership and i told them i wanted a refund. The guy gave me a fax number and told me that i had to write out why i thought i deserved a refund and fax there. After i called i noticed that i was still getting charged. I called and canceled again. I am still getting charged after i canceled twice. These phone calls were a couple of months apart and i spoke with a person each time. I can understand one mistake, but this seems fishy to me. I called my banks fraud division.

  • Ch
    Charlottelou Oct 12, 2009

    I canceled a TLG Travelers Advantage membership after being promised gas coupons that I never received. I received a cancellation number. Now I am being billed by TLG Shoppers Advantage that I didn't sign up for. I have contacted the BBB and TLG which assures me that it will be canceled. Why do you have to cancel something that you never signed up for?

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  • Ka
    kakahon Dec 14, 2009

    i rented a moving van through Budget and two days after I returned the truck, unathorized charges showed up on my credit card that I used to reserve the truck. The charges were from Shoppers Advantage. I never joined this company and I don't know who they ae. The charges are in dispute now.

    What a rip-off. Don't ver use Budget to move!!!

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  • Aa
    aaarrrggghhh Jun 27, 2010

    I found a charge on my checking account for $15.99. I didn't authorize this charge and want a full refund. Close any accounts that you think that I have with you and take my name off the selling list.

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  • Ca
    carolyn jking Oct 02, 2010

    please stop take unaurthoriz money out of my checking account
    $19.99 i dont have it like that to give you so please close any account that you think i have with you and take my name off the sell list .
    carolyn king

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  • Ri
    RICKYLLAMAR May 11, 2012


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membership fee $11.99

I have not authorized your of $11.99 to my american express card ending with 72002
With your ref. # [protected]!!!
Credit my credit card immediately, I have already notified amx about this unauthorized
Charge, inquiry # jg70289!

Karl bruening

Do not ever attempt to place any additional charges on my account for I do not even recognise what this "membership" is supposed to do for me and I have never used you service!!!

unauthorized charges on credit card

I made some travel arrangments on line and a pop-up window invited me to sign up for a rebate on the purchase I just made. I did not want to get involved in anything like that so clicked the "close" window button. all of a sudden, my credit card is being charged 11.99/month for their "services", of which I have no idea what they even are! I called great fun (luckily, they at least put a phone number on the credit card statement) and they informed me they could not give me a refund but would offer me a special discount on a future purchase of something-or-another. I did not even listen to the guy, "no, no, no." I said. I do not want to hassle with anything that involves me keeping track of what some shady company promises me. he said that if I insisted on getting a refund, I would have to fax a letter to their customer support services department requesting it. it is criminal that these people can get away with a scam like this, and then make the consumer who has been taken advantage of jump through hoops to clear the charges. I am disgusted. I have called my credit card company to dispute the charges and the rep told me this is certainly not the first time they have heard of this particular company.

  • Cr
    crazyknarf Sep 05, 2009

    Do not use "Close Window" on Pop ups. That is how they get you.
    1) use the "X" in the comer

    2) Press ALT+CTRL+DEL at the same time and turn off the entire web browser. Then clean out your cookies.

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  • An
    annoyed813 Aug 14, 2011

    Great Fun has been charging my credit card $16.99 every month since january 2010 and i have no idea why or what the heck for! i have intentionally not been using that credit card so i can work on paying it off, and then i find this out! cannot get a hold of them on the weekend, am NOT happy about the charges. will be calling first thing monday, and this had better be resolved.

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unauthorized charge

I've never asked this service but this company charged me $11.99 from my check card on Aug. 26. I have no idea what this company is and what they are doing but they took my money with no consent.
Many people have been victims of this company. I want my money back!!! How can I get my money back?

  • Fr
    freeeaaakk Sep 19, 2009


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  • 13
    13cheryl13 Oct 31, 2009

    I have been charged 36.99 on my credit card and I don't know why. How can I stop this?

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  • If
    Ifnotinlife Oct 31, 2009

    Very simple really. Pick up the phone and call the bank and cancel the ###ing card. Stop using it. Save your money and purchase things. These banks make billions of dollars a month engaging in this illegal activity. They only thing they have to do is pay fines. No one goes to jail, everyone passes go. You, you get stuck with the fees and bad credit. Leave the plastic ### alone.

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  • Pb
    p boysun Nov 02, 2009

    my girlfriend got took to. this is horse sh**t. never was told about the 14.99 fee each on the shoppers advantage and great fun. give her money back this is fraud!!!

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  • A7
    a72indigo Jun 13, 2016

    $83.90 was taken from my checking account over the past few months. i called this company to try to get information because i had never heard of it. the representative had trouble telling me who or what the company represented. then she claimed it was a company under fandango...that GREATFUN is a promotional package i signed up for. when i was asked if i enjoyed all the promotions i recieved in the mail i told her nothing had been mailed to me. nor had i signed up for anything. her response was that things get lost in the mail!
    i was able to get my bank to refund less than half of what was taken so i guess i will take my fight to the company who took my money to get the rest back.

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  • Su
    Suraj Jun 13, 2016

    I have been charged $11.99 every month, I have travelled few times by booking tickets through priceline and I have not subscribed for any membership, this TLGFUN is charging me, I have called them today, they said they are going to cancel my membership which never existed and they said they are going to refund all the previous amount which is charged to my account, iam not sure if they really do it, could someone help me in this, this is insane and somebody should stop this, where we should give our complaints...this is happening in US..cannot believe...

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  • La
    Laurie Jun 13, 2016

    CALL THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY - that is where you dispute fraudulent charges.
    Also call the number on the statement to cancel it.

    Its called cramming and its illegal. Probably an internet purchase and you were not bothering to read the fine print.

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  • Gi
    gigi Jun 13, 2016

    I have been getting these unauthorized charges for the past 6 or 7 months now and I do not have any idea what these charges are for. I would like to have them removed as soon as possible and my cancellation code is R1008 .Please be advised that if there is any refund due to my card it would be very much appreciated and that I will also call my bank to make sure that these charges will in the future be removed.

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company has used my visa account without permision

Tlg fye has charged my visa account with $9.99. this was done on august 25, 2009. the transaction was initiated in the usa. I have not authorized the transaction. I have never heard of tlg fye until this transaction. I have not ordered or had any internet contact with this company. I am not able to explain how this company was able to obtain my visa account nr. the account has been as of today august 27, 2009 closed.
Sincerely, norman w. mills

  • Wh
    Whicker Sep 07, 2009

    This is what happened to me. See my complaint about VIP Pass. They are charging you for a VIP Pass discount card, just like they did me. Whicker

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  • Jh
    j hassett Sep 16, 2009

    Did the same to me. I didn't even order any flowers. Charges just showed up today.

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  • Pi
    pi to the 42 Sep 18, 2009

    same situation for me to called them to cancel and when they refused refund ranted about how they are like aol and they lost there lawsuit. also informed them about how disappointed i was to have to spend my weekend filing a complaint with the attorney general using the aol lawsuit. requested supervisor and got refund for the 2 months i was charged.

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unauthorized debiting of funds from my bank account!

Dear sir or miss,
I noticed a 11.99 charge on my bank card. I don’t know why I am being charged monthly from this company, and I wish it to stop. it is causing problems with my bank account. my email is:[protected]@medmail.com. cn
Thank you very much!
Cao changchun, md

  • Dj
    DJ Nev Aug 26, 2009

    Hello All... I wish I had my website up and fully functional to field direct questions... however I don't. I will say I am a military member of over 10 yrs and realtor in the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres (Florida) area and my name is Dean J. Neven. TLG great fun got me too... for $12.99/mo.

    The seemingly less than honest people on the phone, who appear to know the type of call coming in before picking up the phone, will talk to you. They would not give too much information; even though I repeatedly asked for a copy of the "e-mail verification", I was assured, was sent. They could not provide this. After about 30 minutes of calling different numbers and discussing my frustrations, I was assured me that the first 2 months would be refunded.


    --HOWEVER --
    To receive any further refunds I was told to fax in my request to - 1-800-964-8115.

    THE KICK - This transaction occurred in last October (2008). It is now August... 9 more months to get back.

    HOW IT HAPPENS: TLG appears to put a note in these sites that asks if you accept... anything really. Some may even be in the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS"...

    WHAT THEY TOLD ME: I was told I received a 20% discount while purchasing "greeting cards" on Rexcraft. Evidently occasions.com has a deal with TLG - PER TLG's PERSONNEL. Thankfully I have the receipt from this purchase and guess what... NOT A PENNY OFF. I will be sending a copy of this receipt with my request for refund and should have my money back shortly.

    LASTLY - I truly and honestly hopes this helps any and all of you with this situation. My e-mail address is [email protected] - If you aren't spamming and really need help, I will forward you my "personal e-mail" and try to help as best as possible. God Bless all and have a great day. : D


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needs a class action lawsuit

I have no idea how these guys got my credit card information but they have been steadily charging my cc for 2...

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