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Is there anyone honset at Tires Plus?
Through my involvement with Tires Plus I have to say beware to all who enter their driveway. I am convinced that the shop workers are basicly honest, it is the management that has to be watched. Listen to the conversations and you will be appalled. The guy working on the car reccomends one thing and the manager will add to that what he wants to sell, no matter the technician says. I have heard them argue. My mother was told she needed a lot of work on her car because of it's age even though it has few miles. She had no idea what they were talking about only that it had to be done. A phone call to the dealer revealed that what they told her was untrue, and the work they did was substancially more expensive than the dealer. And that was without factory approved parts. When I complained to the manager; a squeeky voiced, unshaven kid with apparently little knowledge of cars, I was offered a free oil change! As I sat in the waiting room to speak with the manager who was finishing a cigarette and talking on a cell phone, I listened to the conversations at the front desk and what came through the window from the shop. When one manager at the front became aware of this he started speaking in Spanish and when his boss came to the front he looked at me and then said something more in Spanish. Nothing to hide? Right.
I understand that the technicians are competant there. The management is obviously money hungry and has no ethics. The combination of the two only works for the Tires Plus company, not for the customer.

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      8th of Mar, 2013

    Management and sales are not required to know much about the mechanicals of cars, in fact, during the hiring process for sales and management a record of sales looks better than technical experience.Tires Plus managers are paid bonuses based on key sales items each month or quarter, and such items include but are not limited to numerous flushes, tire sales, credit card sales (this one is a BIG one), and promoted services. Management has to drive this in a big way, because if they fail to hit any of the key focus items or increases in sales for that given time period then they will not get ANY bonus. The techs are mostly paid by a small hourly rate and a commission on top of that, so they too want to sell all they can to make a check. Some would say that commission based services in such an industry could possibly promote abuse, and we would agree. Honesty varies from person to person. I do not understand how a dealer can tell you whether or not a vehicle that is in another shops possession does or does not need particular service or repairs, though, unless the services are scheduled maintenance. It is very rude for employees or management to talk in a language that is not understood by the customer, and the customer has a right to voice their opinion on such. This is very poor customer service and any manager or salesperson would know this. Do know, however, that Tires Plus does hire people whose first language is NOT English, as do many companies.

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