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Well, Let me say this, when you have a small leak and need an overflow tank, be careful. Why? my car was driven around after 3 1/2 hours without even the clips on the hoses and coolant was spraying ALL OVER THE ENGINE.. speaking of which, I dont even think they put beamer coolant as paid for and discussed, because after that, just a simple water thats not a correctly done tank flush and refill...

Hey it gets better, cabin air filter- top of the line with charcoal in it- YEAH RIGHT, opende dup the cabin air filter compartment and the cheapest filter, NOT charcoal, was inserted and the entire area was clogged with leaves and whatever else from over 8 years- They did not even remove the debris, left the lines clogged and put in a chinsy filter, NOT THE ONE THAT WOUDL COST ABOUT 39 RETAIL 49 there, but a 5 dollar filter, and so on... Lets go a step further- an air filter, how about not putting the hoses connected back on the clip and breaking one in half..YES thats right.. but the worst, to do preventative, and to hve neglegence of not clipping radiator hoses so that a car is spraying coolant all over it .. imagine if i did not know about cars, i would have made it 2 blocks and been on the side of the road... Ironically when asking about a fluch of the tran system and fluid repalce, i was TOLD NEVER ON A BMW, well guess what- YES it is recoomended for scheduled maintenance at 100K, IM at 96K. I am disappointed- what a disrespectful insult down to teh incomplete work that could have severely DAMAGED my car, when doing preventative.. and moreso, AN OUTRIGHT LIE, about a charcoal cabin filter- and 2 days of repairs deciding i will let them do it, as it was 10 bucks more than buying the good filter myself and putting it in, which takes all of 20 seconds..SCAM- to say to charge 49 bucks for the best filter and to throw in the chepaest and noteven clean the area..well? so, i paid tires plus because i have a credit card there, and now, i will be paying BMW to check the system, the broken line from the air filter, and why now my car IS NOT running great when it was running FANTASTIC. Lets go further, i was there 2 days in a row, 2nd day calling first to make sure parts arrived- well...the reason i was there for FOUR HOURS, was supposedly the waiting for parts??? another LIE, the parts were not there... I have a feeling BMW will be flushing my system AGAIN and replacing it with BMW fluid, or course which is 2495 a gallon, and i was charge dfor 2 to see the coolant all over my engine- which REALLY LOOKED LIKE WATER... in fact, what was blowing all over my engine from clips not reattached left absolutely not one spot of coolant color on the ground..hmmmmm ok 4995 for a tp of the line filter- and seeing the cheapest and all the area not even cleaned out-hmmmmm makes me wonder what else they did..I am mad, I am doing 100% preventative to my car to upkeep it, and getting lied to and having to worry that by upkeeping my car, thattires plus could have damaged it severely..I am calling them tomorrow, and also calling the credit card company to discuss what they did and the charges, at most minimal, if i see it is not 100% bmw coolant in my car, and of course the filter issue, I am disputing the charges and I am reporting to the state.

the mistake of the clips ok, I am empathetic, but the outright LIE about which part would be installed, I AM ANGRY AND WAS SCAMMED OVER THAT


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