Timeshares By Owner / cancellation/refund

On July21, 2010 my husband contracted with this organization by phone to advertise our surplus timeshare points for rent. The next day I found out about the contract and the cost ($1, 367.00) which emptied our joint account. Since it was after hours I was unable to reach them by phone until the following day. In Maryland there is a legally mandated 72 hour contract right of cancellation period so I was trying to get in under the wire. Florida has a 7 day period there. The company rep was kind, courteous and quite willing to cancel and arrange for a refund of the money though within 5 to 10 days. No negotiating.
I did not talk to them again until 15 business days had passed. They told me I was in fact due for a refund but their records revealed that they had never actually charged our account. Now maybe 2 days after cancelling the paperwork arrived in the mail with the receipt for the purchase. They, however, demanded that I prove through bank records that such a transaction ever occured. When I got the bank letter (this all occurred between monthly statements) corroborating the transaction it was Friday after office hours but I faxed it anyway to the company rep's attention.
Monday am they do not know anything about the fax so I refaxed it. Finally they acknowledge their mistake and hop right on processing our refund for...Friday. No sooner.
Suddenly the rental dept is on the phone to my husband to tell him what a terrible mistake it would be to go through with cancelling as they have already 2 potential clients very interested in our points to the tune of $6-7K. Oops, did they say that out loud! They want to rush paperwork to him so they can openly discuss the offers and have that check in our hands which will more than offset any money we have alredy spent. Not to mention the $600 they had already spent. I had 2 twenty minute conversations with the salesman and his boss respectively. Funny how they were so interested in us only after the refund could no longer be denied.
On Friday I finally reached the live rep and she informs me they have done all postings for the day and I will have to wait until next Friday.
The following Thursday I call to make sure everything is lined up. "Of course", I am assured by the rep. I call on Friday 8/27/10 and she tells me it has all been taken care of and probably will not show up until 8/28. Today is the Tuesday (8/30) after the for sure Friday and still no money. I have contacted my bank and engaging a lawyer.

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