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On 1/10/11 I was contacted by an individual named Michael Matthews and he told me that a timeshare company had given him my number because I had a Wyndham T/S for sale. I corrected him and told him I had a Westin property for sale...he asked about the property, i.e. sale price, unit info, etc. He said he was interested and was going back to the T/S company and tell them he was interested in another property. Shortly after I got a call from a Randall Williams, representing Timeshare by Owner. He told me Mr Matthews wanted to purchase my Westin property and he would sent me the Timeshare Resale Contract, Proof of ID and Authorization to Release Information and that their company had a 30% deposit from Mr Matthews that needed to be deposited and he gave me a figure that would be my portion of the closing costs (monies was to be wired to him??!!??). I told him that he could accept the 30% deposit as far as I was concerned but I was not paying a closing cost (I told him he could take it out of the funds that were to be remitted to me). After 30 minutes later I received the items 'needed to have an immediate closing' due to the fact that Mr Matthews, and family, was headed back home. When I looked at the paperwork he emailed I noticed there was no company name, was requesting a lot of personal information from me, etc. Nothing looked 'professional'! He called to see if I had signed and told him a friend of mine had examined the required documents and had several questions as to their validity and I asked him the concerned questions. He told me that he would have to get back with me ~ mainly because I refused to wire him the $$$ he wanted as closing costs.
I would caution ANYONE that gets a like phone call to be very caution of this scam...also, while doing research on the internet I discovered a female by the name of Williams had also been indicted in the past few years for T/S scam/fraud activities.


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  • Zh
      18th of Jan, 2011

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  • So
      24th of Mar, 2011

    Same story with a very colorful lady with a gravelly voice. "Hey Jack, I've been trying to get ahold of you, I hear you got scammed by Inovative and I can tell you how to get your money back and can also sell you week 3 Grandview two bedroom lockout unit for twenty-four thousand dollars. I wish we could hang all of those scammers who move their buisness from place to place, and even have cameras and armed gaurds out side of their officed. Our company had been in buisness for twelve years, gross millions a year, are one of the only honest timeshare sellers. You see our adds on all of the television stations and we advertize in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and even the Arizona Travel Magzine. " Then she passed me on to one of her minions, who passed me on to the SALES SUPERVISOR, who still could not get me to put money up front.
    The second day she left me a message saying, "Who do I have to fire to get you to list you timeshare? Please call me back."
    The third day she called me a 8:07 AM and gave me more of the hard sell. We told stories to each other about scam themes of the seventies and eighties, futures markets, high grade dimonds, and Morgan Silver Dollars. It was a great conversation, I wasn't up yet so I could not write down any information and I figured I just keep her out of someone's elses hair for an hour or so by talking to her. "Call me back by 4:00 PM and let's close this deal!"
    An hour later she called and I did not answer, her SALES SUPERVISOR caut me on call waiting, and I just said, "I do not want to sell, " and hungup.
    This is a slick preditory group. Do not get involved with Time Share By Owners, you will end up like me, looking for an honest why to devest youself of unwanted payments. But that's what we fell for and it is not the priority of any agency to stop it.

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  • On
      5th of May, 2011

    I had a woman named Danna Perricone who called me and told me that she had 3 buyers for my timeshare also in Westin. She told me that I would have to pay an amount so that the Paralegals could do the work. Like a Big Dummy I fell for this. But what did I get in the mail from TSBO... was papers stating that they were listing the property. When I called to find out what was going on... first they told me that Dana was not at her desk. When I called a second time (in 10 minutes) I was told that she was on a tempory leave. I then told the woman that answered the phone what Dana had told me. She said that she would talk to the manager and that they would refund my $998 to my account. YEA RIGHT!!! I have heard nothing from them since. This was done on March 8th and I called the first time when I received the papers on March 10th. Here it is in May and I have still have not heard anything from them.

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  • Ra
      17th of Jul, 2011

    My husband and I were scammed by another timeshare resale company, Equity Financial Services. They are now under investigation by the FBI and the AG of Florida as I'm told they have stolen over $1, 000, 000. They go by several different company names. We lost about $2200 in upfront fees. Are there any honest resale companies out there as I really would like to sell? Sometimes there are 3 or 4 resale companies calling our house at day and I can't trust any of them. My only advise is file a compliant with the state and don't get taken in by their sales pitch

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  • Li
      26th of Dec, 2011

    Check out this website.
    Alternate Business Names: Timeshares By Owner, Timeshares By Owner of California, Timeshares By Owner of Central Florida, Timeshares By Owner of Daytona Beach, Timeshares By Owner of Flagler Beach, Timeshares By Owner of Jacksonville, Timeshares By Owner of Miami-Dade, Timeshares by Owner of Orange County CA, Timeshares By Owner of Volusia County. Why does a "legitimate" business have to operate under so many different names?
    If all calls were really recorded, then all of these people; (Mr Michael Klimek (General Manager), Mr Kevin A White (Consumer Analyst / Manager Customer Service), Mr. Jeffrey Frantz (CEO), Mrs Jana Lee Klimek (President), Mr. Gregory Taylor (Vice President), are well aware and completely support the actions of TBSO's employees.

    I can't wait to start my own company like TBSO where I can adopt their solid business practices of not returning client calls, not answering client emails, being rude to clients, let clients know that they have a lifetime program so if we sell your property or you die (which ever comes first) it is still a win/win deal for us, and we will make sure that every rep receive your account because we need to have new ways of taking your money from you.

    By the way, it has been two months now and I am still waiting for Mr. Kevin A. White to answer my email that he very conveniently did not receive along with the information forwarded to him by Brandi Peet for further investigation into the "I already have a buyer" business practices.

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  • Go
      18th of Nov, 2016

    I have dealt with several of these scammers at Timeshares by Owner I.e., Nicholas Magli, Robert Dillard, Eric Rosenberg, Christian Broughten etc. They call every couple of months and assure you that they have a buyer/renter if you will only pay another $2000-3000. They say we can guarantee that we have a buyer, All you have to do is put more money up front on your card. If you are foolish enough to allow them to charge their fees, that's the last you'll hear from them until another ones calls a couple of months later with the same spill. The Florida AG and the FBI should investigate their fraudulent practices. It is nothing but a RIP OFF.

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  • Ni
      25th of May, 2017

    I agree they have had me on the hook for over 2 years, dumb me, , , , oh we have a buyer for your property and we are having an open house and inviting all these people in, dinner etc and will be able to sell your timeshare, , , right, , , I finally told them yesterday my Wyndham was no longer for sale the man Jim was VERY Rude and hung up on me, , , ,

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