Time Warner Cable / employee & management response to complaint

Loveland, United States Review updated:

April 25, 2014 my two large dogs contained in my rear yard were barking with an alert of a stranger. I asked the 275 lb man why he was in my rear yard, he sarcastically responded that he was with Time Warner Cable, and has easement rights. I said I don't care if you are God, you are trespassing, and you should have knocked on my door, and asked or notified me before entering my property. He indicated he didn't need to do that. My two large dogs start jumping on him because they could tell he was not welcome and it is their job to protect their property, and the trespasser disregarded the two signs on both sides of my yard before entering: Beware of Dog! He then starting hitting my dogs with his arms, again 275 lb man. I called my dogs into my home. He came from my neighbor on right, and proceeded thru my yard into my neighbors yard on left, and found a cable box, which he threw the lid off of it about 10 ft displaying his anger. I called Time Warner Cable and reported to a supervisor, she apologized, agreed with me and filed a complaint to the employees supervisor. She also indicated that employees are trained to ask and notify before entering property, to be respectful, etc. I saw him leave shortly before I left my home for the evening. The next am I noticed an orange line running on my left side of the house from the cable box across the rear of my property up the right side of the property to the neighbors home. I called Time Warner Cable this am to ask what is this line, why is on my property, why was I not notified, what is the status and plan for the line, and the supervisor I spoke to this am was rude as well, indicated employees have rights to enter my property at anytime, have rights to defend themselves against my dogs, have rights to leave cords on my property without notice, etc. So which is it, which supervisor was correct, and what are my rights? So without any communication or respect from the employee or Time Warner Cable, I have rights too. I have a right to have my dogs contained in my yard, I have the right to protect my property and dogs, so I guess I get my pistol out and get ready for the guy to return, and protect myself and my dogs.

Apr 29, 2014
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  • Ro
      26th of Aug, 2014

    ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY AGREE!!! Those STUPID tv ads make me physically sick to my stomach!! Thank God for the mute button on my remote control!

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