Time Warner Cablebilling, lack of tv quality

Before moving out of NY a while ago I had advised them to shut off service. But before finally getting rid of this company I was charged an extra month I didn't have service, they didn't arrive on the date scheduled for disconnect, and even though I only had service for a year and was on a promotional they jacked rates up by over $40 before the first year.

TWC is a total ripoff, and the merger will probably make things worse. I was paying $99 for a year special (at least that's what they advertised) for a standard digital cable package with their high speed Internet bundle. I didn't have phone. Some TV stations would work fine, but they'd start becoming glitchy and not be viewable during the most important programs I watched. This was ESPECIALLY TRUE on Breaking Bad or Mad Men while trying to watch AMC. In the 10 months I had service, I'd turn it to AMC during the daytime to see if the channel had any issues, it would work fine at 5pm or 6pm. THEN like a conspiracy against their customers it began to glitch and the digital signal began to go haywire when primetime hit and popular shows came on. You'd call the call centers and they'd say there's no way when more people view a channel that it took away from any signal quality at my location.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New York, NY You couldn't tell it even though I reported this literally 4 weeks in a row once.

ANYWAY, TWC isn't just horrible for their bad service and missed appointments, but they also over bill bigtime. What was billed as a $99 promotion had all kinds of fees and taxes attached (the fees are TWC, not gov't charges, although they do a good job at trying to blame the gov't). I had a DVR box fee, but this was the egregious part... I had a DVR SERVICE FEE. Its been a while since I had a bill, but that was probably $15. They started charging MODEM FEES and then jacked those fees up to like $3 or something. We even had LOCAL NETWORK CHANNELS FEES ADDED before I canceled. So even though you had a one year promotional price guarantee, there were always added fees. My $99/month service was $130 a month when I cancelled!!!

Where I moved now is satellite friendly in the rental and I'm with DISH. They aren't perfect, but my AMC always works (although there's no more Breaking Bad anymore) and they don't have so many fricken fees. Stay away from Time Warner Cable, its easily one of the industry's biggest ripoffs!

Did I mention that my Internet would flake out at least several times a month and not work at all? Yet I never got a credit despite all those fees.

Jan 31, 2015

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