TigerDirect.caunauthorized charges

In December 2014 I have purchased a computer mouse for $85 as a new year gift. Estimated delivery was 5 days. On January 8th my item was not even shipped so I cancelled my order- took me 2 hours. I was refunded my money. Yesterday January 28th my card was charged again by TigerDirect. The charge was for 83.99 and came unexpectedly so my account was over the limit. I started a chat with them and found out that "a third party" shipped my item on January 27th! That is more than a month after I paid for it and 20 days after I cancelled my purchase and was refunded. There was no notification of any sort, they just charged my card again. The only suggestion I have been given by customer service is to refuse the parcel in hopes that when it gets back to this "third party" I would be refunded.

Jan 29, 2015

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