Ticketmaster / livenation/ticketmaster error in ticketing process but charged

West Simsbury, CT, United States

I ordered 3 tickets to a jimmy buffett concert yesterday, I was taken through the ticketing system and payment system, only to then be told that my ticket selection was no longer available and to reselect tickets. Which I did. Only to then end up with 2 ticket orders and 2 charges on my credit card. Both email confirmations arrived within a minute of each other, after I had gone through the reselection process. I called today to get a refund for the unwanted tickets only to be told that there was nothing they could do and this was now my problem and that I had to resell these tickets. Jonathon in the escalations department even told me that the system is not error free! So in that case, why do they not have a contingency plan in place to refund people that have had duplications done through fault of their system?!!
I found the customer service disgusting and ridiculous. I will not be using livenation/ticketmaster ever again and I shall tell all my friends and family not to either.

May 17, 2017

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