Thrive Marketfraudulent yearly membership fee

I ordered a jar of avocado mayonnaise (which wasn't even good) in March of 2016, which was advertised as being at just the cost of shipping (which, as I remember, was probably enough to cover the product anyway). I noticed an odd charge for a yearly membership on my credit card on April 2017 and called them to inquire, not remembering who they were/what they sell. I was told that I was sent several notices of the upcoming charge. I had all my emails from them up at that time, and could see that I had NO notices -- just the "thanks for renewing your membership" on the same date as the charge. They said (upon my asking) that I was charged last year too, but agreed to refund this year's membership fee since I didn't know I was agreeing to a membership. I received an email from them saying the charge (for Order #[protected]) is to be refunded. (We'll see if it actually is added back to my credit card. If it isn't, I will be contesting the charge with my credit card.) They said that I had $40-some dollars of credit I could use, but I declined. After reading other reviews on here, I'm wondering if I had taken them up on buying $40 of products with my "credit", if they would've used that as an excuse to not refund the membership fee (saying I used the membership after purchasing it). Do not fall for the "freebies" this company offers!! I was a sucker, thinking they were selling me the product at cost to try to gain new customers.

May 06, 2017

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