The UPS Storeshipment of a table that was damaged

I own a small business called up-cycle alley, I shipped a one of a kind table I sold through my store on etsy to a customer in mansfield texas, on 2/24/2017. I arrived with some damage on the top. I filed a claim and sent in the paperwork they asked for as well as my customer for proof. they asked her to provide a written quote to have it fixed locally and she did.
Today is 5/82017, I have spoke to the store several times and have not received any resolution at all. all I have received are excuses, lies and inconsistency of information.See Top 10 Worst Companies in York, PAI would just like my clients table to be fixed, she wants it fixed, the claim was approved by ups and they now won't give me any information because I am considered a 3rd party.
I was initially told this was to be fixed and she will receive a check for the cost to fix it, now they tell me it will be picked up and destroyed but she will be sent the money she spent! no! this is not what I was promised, nor is destroying a great piece of furniture acceptable. this experience has been a catastrophe!, headache, disappointment and I will never do business with any products from ups, or their stores.

May 08, 2017

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