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On May 1, 2017 we purchased a number of items on The Source's online store. On May 5, 2017 the items were all delivered to our local store in the Greenwood Mall store, Nova Scotia. We set up our computer as per instructions online because we didn't get a manual or an instruction booklet on the product only a piece of paper telling us how to register our Windows' product online. The box wasn't even the original product box but a Microsoft Refurbished Product box with make-shift packaging. We didn't think to keep the box because we felt pretty safe that we bought a reliable computer. Four days later our worse fears were realized when the hard drive began to fail and we were advised to contact our sales rep. We did and were told we could return the product for a full refund for an unsatisfactory product. We returned the defective PC tower to the store and were promptly told nothing could be done because we were returning the PC without original packaging and which I told them wasn't possible because we never had the original packaging with serial numbers or model numbers on it. Essentially they were treating us like we were trying to scam them out of money. They said they wouldn't even exchange the product. After a lengthy conversation and our assertion we'd make this a living hell if they didn't they relented to tell us we could exchange for another refurbished PC unit. At this time we felt pretty sure that our concerns were not met and we wanted a full refund. We didn't want to never feel happy with a product that could possible fail on us again. We were denied a full refund and were not given an grounds for the reason why. Their website and store polices say they will honour a full refund for unsatisfactory product and this was definitely unsatisfactory. The poorest customer service I have ever experienced.

The Source, Canada

May 10, 2017
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      May 15, 2017

    This is standard policy with most businesses. If you don't give them back everything they sold you (including the box) they will flat out deny a full refund. Now whether or not the box you received was the original box is irrelevant. You took it, they want it back. I completely agree with you that it's a stupid policy. But the company is to blame, not the associates. Associates have been fired for issuing refunds that the company does not agree with. Don't buy their products. Most of the items they sell have been used and repackaged. They don't even check to see if items returned are in working condition, if they customer says I haven't used it (even if they did and broke it) they usually don't check it. Just tape up and back on the shelf. I won't disclose whether or not I work for them, but I'm sure you get the hint.

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