The Salvation Army USA / the prices at the montrose, colorado thrift store

I have shopped Salvation Army throughout Utah and in Colorado and every time I go to our store here I am completely disappointed. I've never seen outrageous prices like in the Montrose Colorado store. When I questioned the manager, she stated; We compare our prices to Walmart. I questioned in shock, too Walmart? You are not a retail store, you are a thrift store. I mightest well go buy new at Walmart then. She just shrugged her shoulders and went back to what she was doing. They sell little that is thrift store prices, $7.99 for a flannel shirt $8.00 for used pants? it is not a wonder why they have an abundance of racks filled with clothing. they had a small folding table for $19.00, yes, they are regularly $41.00 NEW, but they were on sale at Sams club for $14.99 a few weeks back because I bought one. Common seriously? it is a thrift store, they should be selling for a fraction of the retail price. Last year they did a coat drive for Christmas we donated over 20 coats only to find them two weeks later hanging on the racks with price tags on them? Shame on them. I am so disgusted with this company, I will never shop nor will I ever donate to this company again! 11/15/17

Nov 15, 2017

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