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The Salvation Army USA / sarah, manger salvation army 6528 little river turnpike, lincolnia, va

1 Lincolnia, VA, United States Review updated:

I'm requesting a meeting with her supervisor on January 12, 2018.

Problem Number One:

Changed the store credit rule

We purchased a couch set for about $600.00 on or about November 15, 2017. Once we got the two of three items home, we noticed that under the bottom of the couch it was broke and appeared that someone tried to repair it. We immediately called the store and explained the condition of the couch. We took pictures of the couch as showed them to Thomas. We explained to that we didn't pay $600 for unsafe couch and would not be picking up the third item and asks could we bring the two items back. He said we could, but he couldn't guarantee that we would receive a refund. We returned the two items the same day. Sarah and Thomas inspected the couch. Sarah said they normally they don't do exchanges/refunds, however she felt the warehouse had missed the damage part of the couch. Sarah said to give her a few days and she would contact Headquarter. We were given a store credit for about $450 with the stipulation we had use the store by the end of December and we wouldn't be charged tax because we had already paid the tax.

On the next Wednesday we turned to the store to make a $69 purchase. We were asked by Sarah, if we could at least used most of the store credit. So, we didn't use our store credit for that purchase.

Problem Number One:

Changed the store credit rule

We returned to the store a week or so later to use the voucher. While we were checking out, Sarah in loud demanding tone in front of workers and customers told us that we needed to use all the voucher now. We only had a little over half of our store credit. We explained to the clerk that we didn't see anything that we would use that would add up to the total voucher. The clerk call for Sarah. So here come Sarah. What she did was very unprofessional. She when into a tirade about how she didn't have to give us a store credit in the first place. Most managers would have been fired for less unprofessional conduct. Sarah continued to give us push back and eventually understood our point of view. From that transaction the clerk asked Sarah about the tax, she told the clerk not to run it through the register because we had already paid the tax and the clerk did as Sarah instructed her to do and wrote out a new voucher for the remaining store credit.

On the 20th of December we returned to store to use the remaining store credit voucher and found items to purchase. However, we realized that we didn't have our voucher. We asked the night manager if the store had a copy of the remaining credit on file, because we had misplaced our and wanted to clear out the remaining credit. We were told NO they didn't have one. Therefore, regretfully the only recourse we had was to contact Sarah and explained to her that we had misplaced our voucher. We spoke to her and she stated that she had the store copy and that she would to speak with accounting about how to issue us a new voucher and she would call and give us a status in a few days.

On December 29th and 30th we called the store at least ten times asking to speak to Sarah. On December 30th we finally got in touch with her and she stated that she would give us a call on January 2nd.

We didn't receive a call from Sarah. So, we ended up calling, calling and calling and leaving messages several times.

On January 3, we called and spoke with Thomas, he asked us to call back and speak with Ms. Lawanda because Sarah had giving instruction. Ms. Lawanda called and left us a message asking us to call her. I returned her call and she told me that I needed to speak with Sarah because Sarah didn't leave her any instruction on how to handle our case.

Problem Number Two:

From 01/03 to 01/08 we made many calls to Sarah. On January 9th I spoke with Thomas, he stated per Sarah that we could use our remaining voucher amount, but it had to be used by 01/12. However, we could not use it on Wednesday the 10th.

Problem Number Three

On 01/11 I went to use the voucher and the clerk (a very nice lady) wanted to charge me tax and I explained to her that I had already paid tax on the store credit voucher. She politely requested assistance from the night manager on duty. The manager on duty stated "you have to pay tax. I explained to her that I had already paid the tax on this voucher. The night manager called Sarah and told me that Sarah told her to tell me that I had to pay the tax. She asked to come to the office because she had Sarah speaker phone. Over and over I told the night that I didn't wants to speak to Sarah and didn't wants to create a scene, because I had been on the receiving end of her fiery temper, but I did follow her to the office and Sarah stated that I had to pay the tax if I wanted to use my voucher. I asked the night manager for Sarah's supervisor name and Sarah lost it. So, I told clerk that I would paid the tax. After the clerk bagged my items and I was completing my transaction, the night manger came from the office with Sarah on speaker phone telling everyone in the about what had done for me and what she didn't have to do. Since I had asked for Sarah's supervisor name she canceled my $183 store credit voucher and told to come back in the morning to see her.

I'm requesting that someone from upper management meet me at the store, see my info below

I'm requesting that Sarah receive the proper management training and a written apology for her actions.

Tony Whitehead


Jan 13, 2018
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  • Su
      13th of Jan, 2018
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    I didn’t know they sold new furniture. I’d assume everything was used and not perfect. You were told immediately you may not get a refund but you did. From your missing words and incomplete sentences, it seems you got a partial refund but it was canceled merely for asking a question? Sounds fishy. How did you pay for the couches? Credit card, check, money order or cash? If you buy used items, you cannot expect perfection. Better to buy a new set, finance it, put $600 down and pay out the rest owed.

    Maybe next time, Tony, you’ll let your wife shop.

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