The Salvation Army USAmy employment

As a new employee at the Salvation Army, I was excited to begin a new Journey working as an Domestic Associate,
at 22 Quincy Street in Brooklyn, New York. While working there for about six months now. I have seen many wonderful changes upon
my arrival as a employee and a former customer, and unfortunately many things that were disappointing as well. While interviewing for this position I was interviewed by Monica and Evan evan.[protected] I have diligently and tirelessly spent my time, providing outstanding customer service, Consistently increasing sales revenue for store 1 for the past five months by Dressing mannequins to showcase and increase sales, Pricing shoes, handbags, Accessories and taking all preventative measures in my power to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. I recently received, the week of 5/1-5/7, a glowing letter of recommendation, as a role model and exemplary employee. Well. Despite my efforts, I however have been met with numerous write ups, substandard unsanitary working conditions, frequent profanity use, animosity, hostility, veiled threats of termination and various forms of harassment while employed by this company. I was written up for insubordination by Dominic Perez on 5/4/2017. I was informing him of the potential dangers that faced me and my fellow employees, as well as the customers within the store at the time of the incident. I was brutally rebuffed, written up, and sent home with loss of pay because of "questioning authority". I strenuously feel, that his behavior toward me, was unjustified and I no longer wish to be in the employ of the Salvation Army.

It truly saddens me to know, that the core values of your Mission statement have been carelessly discarded and forgotten, such as harassment, loyalty, compassion, honor, respect and decency This is the very of core of what your company stands for.

I have enclosed some images of the work I was so proud to do. Thank You.


Lisa Herbert

May 04, 2017

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