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I have been at the children's hospital with my son for the last week. My boyfriend just told me that ylthe salvation army didn't cover our electric bill because I was dishonest. I would like to know how I was dishonest when I told you that I lived with my boyfriend and he owned the house and the utility bill was in his name? I get that you were extremely overwhelmed, but to say that I was dishonest when I sat there in front of you and told you our situation and you sat there and understood our situation and made a promise to me to help breaks my heart. I pay Greg 300 a month in rent and am responsible for the utilities bill. He buys and prepares his owns meals and I buy and prepare mine and my children's meals. Greg is not! A part of my houshold. We live together, yes. But we don't sleep together, we don't share food, etc... I was not dishonest about anything with you. I am very hurt and very angry over your statement to him. He is my landlord. I have my own room and he has his. We may be dating but that doesn't change the fact that I pay him rent and pay the utilities. Now on top of my oldest child's medical bills, the money that "I" paid to have the gas fireplace fixed, the 1st medical bills "I'm paying" for Jacob, giving Greg what money I had to send him to California when his mom was dying and then died, then ending up taking Jacob back to the children's hospital this last week, now I have to pay Greg back the money for the utilities bill because somehow you can't take notes on what a person tells you. I'm literally 50 grand in the whole right now with my oldest's medical bills right now. Greg is not a part of my household, he doesn't help me or my children in any way. I am so insulted on what you said and how you represented yourself and the corporation you represent. A better person would have called for clarification.

Jan 18, 2017

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