The Salvation Army USAdonations — pick up

I had made arrangements to have some furniture picked up that we were donating, and these three young male SA employees show up almost at the end of the 3-hour pick up window, which I didn't care so much about--what I cared about was the rude and unprofessional behavior I encountered when they arrived.

I open up the door and greet the first guy, and then tell him where the bed was (right near the door), and as soon as I opened the door, a third guy, who looked to be younger than the rest started laughing hysterically and couldn't stop laughing, so he continued to stand outside our front door and laugh (WTF?).See Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Rosa, CAEventually he tries to compose himself and comes inside where he makes eye contact with me and tries to grin at me and then ends up walking outside to laugh again (seriously WTF?). I couldn't believe it, and was NOT in the mood for this kind of BS. I have NEVER encountered behavior this rude before in my own home, and came very close to complaining to the SA main office that is in a nearby city.
Bottom line: They should not have rude, disrespectful A-holes interacting with the public, much less going into someone's home and acting like that, I don't care if it's the Salvation Army or not--this was TOTALLY unacceptable!!
Oh, and also, they were eyeing the contents of our living room, which didn't make us feel too safe in retrospect--we should have just put the items we were donating on our front deck to avoid both situations!
Because of that situation, I will NEVER use SA again!!!

May 04, 2017

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