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The Johnny Rockets Group, Inc. / Bad customer service

1 United States

Today, my sister and I went to Johnny Rocket's, the Forrest Hills, NY location for lunch. I have been telling her for the longest how great this place is and finally got her to come with me there.

We got there about 12:30pm and left about 2pm.

Everything started out fine, we ordered drinks and the food.

My order - chilli dog with the chilli on the side and a diet coke

Naomi - Soy burger (or something like that) with cheese and an ice tea with a flavor shot of vanilla.

The drinks came no problems there, then the sucks started coming like crazy:

- My sister didn't like her ice tea (she later told me she didn't taste the vanilla) and asked for a lemonade (which was the same price as the lemonade and that had free refills) instead. The waiter brought the lemonade and then says that she will be charged for it becuase he had to enter the lemonade into the cash register. We were like WTF?, why didn't he tell us this when it was asked for. My sister said she didn't want it then, because she didn't want to pay extra for it. The waiter then just left it on the table.

The food came:

- My sister burger came with no cheese and she told him that. He then was like you know you have to pay extra for that right?? Again we were like WTF?? We knew that when we origonally ordered the burger that we would be charged extra for it, we got no apology from him.

- My chili for the hotdog was supposed to come with cheese on it, there was none so I had to ask him for it. He also neglected to give me a spoon to be able to eat the chili. I had to ask for a setting 2x, and when I finally got it, it consisted of a teaspoon and a butter knife (he was holding the silverware in his bare hand, the silverware was not in a napkin).

- We had to ask him for the thing to put the ketchup in

- Since we had to wait for my them to get my sister's order right, we were eating my fries and finished them, I wanted more and took me a while to get the waiter to get a fry refill. They have this thing that you get all you can eat American Fries with any entree.

It was like he really didn't care.

Meanwhile, while we were getting this sucky service from our waiter he was giving excellent service to the table right next to us and again I was like WTF?? He was even taking their order when our food was on ready on the counter, and taking his time with them.

We asked for the check and at that point I asked to get the movie tickets. They sell discounted movie tickets to Regal for $7.50.

We got the check, the waiter just left it on the table and didn't say a word. I opened the check holder and saw that we were charged for the tickets but didn't see them in there. At that point I had enough and asked for the manager.

The manager came and I told her about that I usually got good service when ever I came here, but this time I got really bad service. I listed off all the things that happened.

When I brought up about the cheese not being on the burger the manager started making excuses for him and I was like no, he even admitted that it was not the cooks fault and that was his own.

We were then left with the check, the check was $38.99. For the food, drinks and two movie tickets.

I put in $30 for the food, my sister then gave $10. I told her it would be great if you have $9 in exact change, she then went into her wallent and got a 5 and 4 singles. We paid $39 and left him a penny tip. If we had 99 cents in change I would of left that.

She was like I am sorry and made it sound that we were going to get a 10% discount right then off the bill. Instead I got a 10% discount card with the date that looked like 7/9/09 on it. It was like she didn't really care about us and was just brushing us off. I was like I had it with this and resolved when I got home I am going to call the corporate headquarters.

When we got home, I called Johnny Rocket's customer service hotline and made a complaint to them about what happened. I felt like I got a more sincire appology from the person on the phone then I did from the manager. She took my address, name, number and email address and said that she was going to send the complaint to the head people.


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