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The Huffington Post / unfair, unethical treatment on posters

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First off, its a pain in the ### to even attempt to try and post a comment or reply on any of the news articles they have.

Second, you cant even post a comment on reply on a lot of news items they have. If you are going to allow comments and replies, then do it FOR EVERYTHING!

And leaving a comment or reply is next to impossible. Doesnt matter if you login first or after you hit the submit button on a comment you want to leave, it reverts back to a sign in page, and when you sign in AGAIN, your comment gets deleted!!

I had to create a new account, because their site kept telling me "your account is banned"!!! But yet they DONT give you any reason for it!!! I did NOTHING to get banned FOR!!! So I created a new account with a different name, and even this new account (from a different computer) is coming up "your account is banned"!!!

The few times you CAN get a comment or reply posted, the site keeps telling you that your comment was deleted!!
Even after 3 attempts...sometimes it accepts it, sometimes you still get the comment deleted!

NOW they have a popup, when trying to leave a comment, that you HAVE to verify your account on Facebook!!!
What the hell????!!! I DONT want to be on Facebook! They hack into your computer and steal your private information!!! I know, because the ONE time I did make a FB account, thats EXACTLY what they did!!!

WHY the hell should I HAVE to be forced to create some other account to post on that website???!!!
Is Facebook going downhill so fast now, that they are paying other websites to FORCE people to join???

Not only do these idiots NOT know how to run a website, they cant even keep it running where it works half the time!!! Their site is either telling you that your account is "banned" (no reasons given), or it wont let you post a comment or reply at all!!!

Hmmmm...I bet the same idiots who made the government healthcare site made The Huffington Post too!!!

Dec 11, 2013
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  • Ga
      29th of Aug, 2012
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    The Huffington Post - Discriminate with viewers who post conservative opinions
    The Huffington Post
    United States

    Huffington post which is an aol news discriminate with viewers who post conservative opinions. You can’t speak–or-voice your opinion about gays—illegals–hispanics—Obama…They won’t posted, but all leberal opinions posting that they agree with ?? Get posted.

    Huffington post is your news paper that is on aol. They rarely post comments that are conservatives….Only liberal comments get posted on their political chat opinions board.

    Even if what you are saying is true, if the comment is about illegals–hispanics–gays—-obama–democrats—they won’t posted.

    Don’t take my word for it. Go in one of their political room where people post their opinions.

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