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The Huffington Post / huffington post - guce advertising connection

Jun 08, 2019

In the past I checked the news every day at HUFFINGTON POST. Now I cannot. I can get to the website, but as soon as I go to any story, I am redicted to, and the story does not load. This cannot be a surprise to you. There are COMPLAINTS ABOUT IT ALL OVER THE...

The Huffington Post / treatment of joe biden

Apr 26, 2019

Huffingtonpost has been my favorite source for news. However, I am stunned by the negative bias you are exhibiting regarding the candidacy of Biden. Your extreme left wing bias is showing clearly in your reporting and it is sad to see. I think you are going to be shocked to find out how...

The Huffington Post / blog by nadine batchelor-hunt

Mar 12, 2019

A blog by your contributor Nadine Batchelor Hunt 12/03/2019 is without foundation, and clearly lacks any kind of journalistic integrity. She claims to feel safe in the Labour Party as a black woman, but...

The Huffington Post / margaret dilloway’s “what white, western audiences don't understand about marie kondo's 'tidying up'”

Jan 23, 2019

The title and some of the content of the article are blatantly racist. Yes, Western audiences are distanced from Japanese Shinto. To imply only white people within said audience, however, is outright marginalizing. Anyone unfamiliar with Shintoism is at fault, which includes Native Americans, African Americans, and much more; not just white people.

Huffington Post / online news

Jan 21, 2019

This is concerning the article on January 21, 2019 titled, "Trump Makes Surprise Visit to MLK Memorial, Leaves After About 2 Minutes ". It's url is The problem I have with this article and others like it...

The Huffington Post / moderators/commentary - what the hell is going on?

Jan 12, 2019

I have now had several comments deleted (comments which by any standard have been quite tame although passionate and that speak to truth - especially when compared to the amount of vitrol, lies, hate, racism, trolling, idiotic commentary etc that has been allowed to remain without censure...

The Huffington Post / omnipresent repetitive ads which prompt instantaneous gag reflex

Jul 03, 2018

Hello, folks, So listen. I love HuffPost, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... PLEASE stop posting ads showing PUSTULENT BOILS. It's actually nauseating. Would you want to see it shown again (and again!) even within the same article? I used to love reading HuffPost while enjoying some morning...

The Huffington Post / treatment and doxxing of amy mek

Jun 03, 2018

My associates in various areas of industry are wary of criticising or ceasing association with a well known left wing media source but your dishonest treatment of Amy Mek is nothing but misanthropic behaviour by a media site. Your reputation is tarnished as a result. You continue to target and...

The Huffington Post / total trash

Oct 13, 2017

Disappointed. Been with you for several years. You are not what you used to be before. Absolute trash and nothing else. Not interested news, full of political intrigues, articles about Donald Trump... Really, is there anything else in this world besides news about the president? And by the...

The Huffington Post / unfair, unethical treatment on posters

Dec 11, 2013

First off, its a pain in the ### to even attempt to try and post a comment or reply on any of the news articles they have. Second, you cant even post a comment on reply on a lot of news items they have. If you are going to allow comments and replies, then do it FOR EVERYTHING! And leaving a... Huffington Post Scam Alert / Bank Wire Fraud

Nov 13, 2011

A interesting and developing story in the healines today is a site & Another as we will call it fake diploma site with mounting complaints has cast a RED ALERT.The public or anyone considering placing and order with this site should think... / this site is pure left wing

Jul 04, 2011

This site is pure left wing! You won't find any conservative views here. They screen all of the responses they get, and guess what?, if they don't like them, they just don't let them get posted. Now, how unbiased is that? I notice on other media sites, that the comments are...