The Dump / black leather sofa chaise-top grain split match-model #0421g8122laf01

Irving, TX, United States
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ISSUE: Deep sagging between 1st and 2nd cushion when product was not even a year old yet.
INVOICE #: 630MHH585

I requested two repair calls within the year. 1st call was repaired by Jose and he placed a plywood to hold up the sagging issue between the 1st and 2nd cushion. He said, if we have any future issues, call the AHM Furniture Repair at [protected]. This couch has not been sat on much because we are both busy professionals. One Sunday afternoon while watching TV, I sat on the couch and the sagging is back again, so I called AHM Furniture Repair & a 2nd repair person came out and took pictures and said will be contacted by a manager and they most likely will be sending a new cushion or some foam to fill it. I waited for 2 weeks, no follow up, nothing. Finally called the repair people and they said a manager is evaluating our issue and they will call us back. No phone call. Finally made a phone call to the Store Manager for The Dump in Irving TX and he called us back and said he will have someone look into it. A Supervisor (Kevin) called back just to inform me that there is nothing we can do since you own the couch for over a year now and it is no longer under warranty. He kept repeating the same thing over & over again. I asked what resolution do you have for me? I was promised that either a new cushion is going to be sent or some foam to fill it. The 2nd repair person wrote up some lies and reported that there was nothing wrong with the cushions, where he was the one that said that they may send you either some new cushion or some foam to fill the cushions. Supervisor Kevin was quiet. No resolution. Offering no solution to resolve my issue. I am not asking for new furniture, I just want mine repaired. Basically, The Dump DUMPS customers once they sell you their products. Amazingly, this same couch is still being sold in the same store in Irving at a higher price. We were told that this model was a closeout a year ago. Lies! Lies! Lies! I used to like The Dump and I recommend them to my friends, but after this incident, they are scratched off my list. Whatever you put out to your customers will come back to you. They have some good employees there but their stinking company policy of DUMPing people after the sale is not establishing goodwill at all.

The Dump
The Dump

May 1, 2017

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