The Diamond Store / order number #47744

London, U.K., United States

My husband bought me my engagement ring from here.

The ring is very poorly set and I've had numerous problems with it.

I have lost several diamonds and on all occasions have sent it back to the store to be repaired.

Previously I sent it back after being repaired as it came back to me bent and the ring appeared ruined, not in the shape it was purchased. I have received it back again today and one of the diamonds is loose.

I am not happy with the service the store has provided with the works on the ring. I am not happy with the rings quality for the price my husband paid. We have had endless problems, I can barely wear the ring due to fearing that a diamond will be lost.

I have had a second opinion from a local jeweller who has also said the ring is very poorly set.

This ring cost a lot of money and should not be having this many problems.

The ring number is #47744.

I am so upset that my husband has trusted to buy a ring from the diamond store that is of such poor quality.

The store clearly did not carry out a quality assurance check on the ring prior to sending it back to me on the last two occasions, this is not acceptable.

I would like a full refund on the ring to resolve the constant problems.

I will enclose photographs of how my ring came back last time.

Yours truly

Charlotte Clarkson

Jun 16, 2017

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