TFG Airtime Contract (Foschini Group) / migration from contract to prepaid

Cape Town, ZA
Contact information:

Good day my name is MM Nakane. Cell no ************405. I called on Thursday the 28 November after realizing that my sim was blocked, one of the consultant told me that my sim was blocked due to the cancellation of the contract however my sim will be active after 24-48 working hours then I called again after 48 hours then they told me that the request was sent out and they did not get any respond as yet i gave them my alternate number which is my partner number*********425 and they never call.
I did call them again on Thursday or Friday I just can’t remember the date every time I call I get different story like check after 24 – 48 hours without even resolving my issue every time I call is different story till I decided to give them number**********875 I called again on the 5 December now they told me that the issue is now with their technicians and it might take 5-7 days to resolve it. Since I have realized that my issue can’t be resolved I have requested one of the consultant to put me through to the team leader hoping that he will come up with the solutions to this but unfortunately I was wrong he was so full of bad attitude talking too much trying to be sarcastic at the same time then my line cut off and he called again still with attitude and this time I couldn’t handle myself but hang up as i was fed-up. As I couldn’t understand why does this have to take that long?
It is now close to two weeks without having access to my sim and it is inconveniencing as there are debit order going thru that sim I can’t make out calls to tell the honest truth i regret why i had a contract with them!!! I’m not satisfied with their service is very poor!!!


Dec 07, 2016

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