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Texas Roadhouse / terrible employees

1 Knoxville, TN, United States Review updated:
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I have been in the food industry since I was 14. That doesn't mean I know all, but I know when there needs to be a major head to make a surprise visit to the east store. I think it is on KINSER or at east town . I have been going for several years and I have turned several friends and family on to the restaurant. There are boys running around with shirts out letting there underwear show, hats (not all texas hats) turned sideways, hostesses never smiling as they take you to be sitted. I will probably stay away for a while to see if maybe there may be change happen. I can remember when you were treated nice so you would come back. The waiters do a dissent job. I see way to much standing around talking. I was taught in school that there is always something that needs to be cleaned in a restaurant. The managers are slaking in keeping things going the way they should. Most of the clothes are to small on the young girls. If I am seeing there back or sides then their shirts need to be larger and tucked in with a BLACK belt-plain. I read this and I know I sound like a ### and I really am not. If the cats away the mice will play. Dennise does a pretty good job and making them to stay on task. The lady manager tonight was doing books and could have cared less. One of her waiters came up to talk and his hat was sideways, underwear showing; he was real close to looking like a thug. I understand you want your employees happy but we all should have a set of rules for work. It pays the bills... I have put this off for several weeks, But I thought someone should know that can see this through. Thank you so much for letting me vent. I will go back in a couple weeks to see if there has been any changes. Please don't let anyone see my name.They will know who I am. I do not want to start trouble, I just want my TEXAS ROADHOUSE back.right down to the big fluffy rolls we use to get. The small cactus blossom is a great idea.

Again, thank you.

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  • Bi
      27th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was in joliet Ill. for the good-guys car show sept. 21st.When we are in bigger cities we always want to eat at the texas road house so my wife asked the clerk at the motel if there was one in town. There was one very close and they gave us the #, We called and made reservations.We arrived and yes they were very busy as it always is .they called our # and we went inside and stood by the counter for ten minutes finally they said the table was ready and took us back only to stand in the way once-again and watch them clear the table. We finaly sat down and orderd .It was along time to get a drink. Then we had to beg for refill's This was by far the worst road house we have ever been in, Not once did any body ask how things are, As all other resturant management is always checking. Then the waiter thought he deseverd a TIP!

  • Je
      12th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Don't know about going through all this drama to complain about a rude employee but, ok.
    I called to order a pizza as have done before and was put on hold. When she came back she said yea what? I was a bit confused and said I wanted an order and she sounded irritated and said hold please. She came back on the line and said what do you want? at that point I said apparently not a pizza and hung up.
    I have called this location before and have been very happy but, this person was rude and unapproachable and should never be in contact with the public. I will never contact them for an order again as I was made to feel like I was bothering them with a call let alone an order. Texas roadhouse will get my business tonight.

  • Le
      28th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    What you all have to realize is that the employees and managers of these establishments are human. They have bad days at work, just like you! Have you never forgotten to do something at work? People have bad days and make mistakes. There is so little forgiveness for workers in the customer service industry. They make relatively little money for thankless work. And don't say they shouldn't do it, because then who would feed you?

  • Do
      19th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Poor carryout service. Paducah, ky, no silverware, butter or sourcream. Rolls were brown inside and tuff. Return to store and the employees were unconcerned and not very helpful.

  • St
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Sheila needs to learn how to spell before posting complaints. She must have not learned much in school. Here are a few words she doesn't know. Dissent should be spelled decent. Slaking should be spelled slacking. Sitted is not even a word. You were looking for the word seated. Plus Sheila doesn't understand grammar. After a comma it is not necessary to capitalize the next word like Sheila decided to do when she capitalized the word but. Typically, complaints are made by people that do not understand things or people that just suck and need to ### about something.

  • Re
      8th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Texas Road House is not a good place to digest food . I didn't go out for dinner to watch teenagers dance and throw peanuts and act silly . I go to have dinner and relax. If you've had a few drinks, Texas road House wouldn't be a bad place to have dinner. I've never seen a manager out front in the dining area, but then again, one of those dancing teens may be the manager.

  • Aw
      29th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Seriously as if your ### about the line dancing and the peanuts, if your looking for a place to relax and have dinner go to a different place! Texas Roadhouse is a fun environment, they pride themselves on playing loud country music, line dancing ect. its a great experience! you probably dont like the teenagers dancing because you probably feel pretty insecure about yourself. stop complaining!

  • St
      24th of Oct, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I worked at a Texas Roadhouse for years, though I no longer do I felt the need to comment. We are MADE to dance. If we don't we could be written up, fired, or made to do extra closing work. So, when you see them dancing and you need a refill remember a few things.
    1) We are not dancing and ignoring you. This is part of the job
    2) How many refills have you had? It is not the end of the world if you have to wait a few seconds for more sweet tea, which by the way is made with 6-8 CUPS of sugar. Each glass has a lot of calories and sugar in it.
    3) You have to wait for the baker to put more of the FREE rolls out after you and the other person you are dining with have already had 2 other basket each containing 4 rolls. Which by the way are loaded with fat and calories
    4) I did not design the place. If you are too fat to fit in the booth that is not my problem!
    5) A ribeye is marbled which means it contains fat. Do not complain to me about it being too fatty!
    6) You had to wait 1 1/2 on a Friday night for a table. Again, how is this the servers fault? You don't want to wait, fine then don't. I have no control over the wait, how many people come in and how long they sit at my tables. If waiting for a table is so hard then don't eat out on a Friday, go out on Monday night.

  • Re
      7th of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Seems to me the people who responded to my critic of Texas Road House read more into the complaint then was actually there. I said " Texas Road House is not a good place to digest food ". It doesn't mean I can't digest food at Texas Road House. It means I'd rather be in a calmer environment when I eat. This in turn helps your digestive system, digest. Any wise person will tell you it's best to sit down, relax, eat slowly, and enjoy your food while at a meal. So, for the person who said, " go to a different place", well, I do and will continue to do so.
    For the person who said, :" stop complaining", well, this is a complaint board and it seems you are complaining a lot yourself. For the same person who said, " I probably don't like teenagers because I am insecure about my self, well, that is total speculation and just a blank spot in your own mind. I am very secure . I just want to have good digestive flow when eating. You just can't understand that. Maybe on your 25th birthday your pre frontal cortex will be more developed and you will understand.
    Hey, I'm just saying when I'm eating I don't want to watch teenagers dance and I don't want them bumping into my table, and I don't want to watch them throw peanuts. I was a General Manager of a full service restaurant for many years and I just know their time could be spent doing more productive things. I'd rather wait till AFTER DINNER for the entertainment.
    So, when you complain about this complaint, just remember to be specific and address the actual thing I am complaining about. Since this is a complaint board, I do feel that complaints are encouraged.
    For the person who used to work at Texas Road House for years, : Most people know that the food they are eating and/or drinking is full of empty calories. They continue to do so because they are addicted to the taste of obesity.
    I recommend going somewhere else to eat, or just prepare your own meal at home. Texas Road House needs to change a lot of things. Put those teenagers to work doing productive things. AND save the entertainment for after dinner.
    Wake up Texas Road House and let those still coming to your restaurant, eat in peace. May peace be with you forever. AM

  • Se
      26th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    As part of the Texas Roadhouse family, I can only say that after 27 years in the restaurant business, I feel blessed to be part of one of the most successful restaurant 'chains'. We ALL have fun because we LOVE OUR JOB :) It is our culture! We are proud to serve you our hand cut steaks, made from scratch sides and ice cold beer! We must be doing something right because we are always busy..I hope you come back and try us again!

  • St
      7th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    as an emplyee of texas roadhouse i would just like to say that i am as courteous to the 1st person to walk in the door as the last person who walks out on my shift, the resturant is a great place with a great invironment and lovable atmosphere!

  • Fu
      17th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Tell us about your complaint at

  • Jo
      16th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    the original restaurant is the one in joliet, illinois. so the 1st commenter was at that very restaurant. would not expect bad service from that one.

  • Ma
      8th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Alright, if you don't like Texas Roadhouse because it is loud and busy and they dance don't go! Shocking advice I know, some people just don't like the environment of Roadhouse and that is ok. Also, you can complain all you want, Roadhouse is still going to be on at least 1 and a half hour wait on weekends, throw peanuts on the ground, and dance.
    Also, being a waitress is hard work, sorry you seem to need 6 cokes, and forget to leave a tip.

  • Ju
      22nd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is for ReeltoReel on defending his complaint: As an employee of TRH-you are absolutely correct. Roadhouse is not for everyone, and you had every right to state so. You werent complaining that the food was bad, the service was bad, ect. From what i gathered from the comment, is that you prefer to " unwind" and have peace and quiet when you are enjoying your dinner. Whats wrong with that? So do i on occasion. I think everyone read to much into your comment, agreed. Roadhouse is geared towards a specific " nitch" in the Casual Dining Market. Most chains are. Our atmosphere is not the same as an Olive Garden- I do, however, take a stand and will tell you the statement that you made; " Texas Roadhouse needed to make some changes and put those teenagers to work doing something more productive."; is discriminate in nature, asumptive, and suprisingly clueless of you. I do not mean to say " clueless" to insult you in any way, you have respect from me because you said you had Managed a Casual Dining Chain for many years, and you know how "rough" the business is, dealing with the employees, long hours, and a seemingly endless amount of responsibilities-and then there is the public. They have no clue of what goes on in the "back of house". They think there is a man with a chef 's hat, gingerly preparing one's dinner. They think that their party of 15 should only have to wait 15 minutes-and have no idea that Running a busy friday night shift, sometimes, is a miracle. Organized Caos. The chef is actually about ten guys who have been standing in the same spot for hours with a row of little white tickets lined up in front of them, and a little "black box" that keeps "spitting them out" with no end in sight. I know you know all this, and i am sure there were things that went on in your store, behind the scenes i would have had no clue about. TRH is different from any casual dining chain i have ever worked for, and it did take me abit to "shift my gears" to adapt. All those teenagers you are referring to -arent all teenagers. They are all ages .Alot of them are college students, some have their degrees, and work weekends because it is so fun, and have made a lifetime of friends, within the employees, as well as the guest. Some of those people out there dancing are managers, as well. It is done because some managers actually enjoy getting a laugh out of it, to break up the stress on a weekend dinner rush, some managers do it to set the example, some for support. It is required of us. It is part of our job to line dance, as well as the dancing is part of the culture, the atmosphere of TRH. The founder of TRH wanted a place anyone could go to, whether you were still in your uniform from your job, wearing t-shirt and flip flops, dressed up and "dolled" up-to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and get an ice cold beer, killer ribs that just fall-off-the-bone, or a hand-cut steak-the best in town-and have a good time, watch sports on tv, or be entertained by line dancing. Those "teenagers" behind the scenes-work their butts off. They go line dance for children that are in the hospital, they have danced to raise money for the "Make a wish foundation", visited the elderly while participating in the " Meals on Wheels program"-and bring some entertainment to those that cant leave their home. There is so much more than "meets the eye" about Roadhouse. Once again, i mean no disrespect to you, but i have to defend those that work for Roadhouse who truly strive to be "Legendary". Yes, this kind of dining experience may not be for you, but there are many that wait an hour or more to get in.This is our "nitche" in the market-and we wouldnt want to change anything-at 330+stores and growing in this economy-we are doing alot of things right. I respect your right to make the statement that dining at TRH is not for everyone, and that it is " loud", and that you recomend eating somewhere else, or at home, IF THIS TYPE casual dining is not your idea of a great dinner out.I also agree your complaint was read into, and that the responses to your complaint were not what you were saying. I am not trying to make a big deal of anything, either. But the comments you did make about "teenagers needing to do something more productive" was an err on your judgement and should not have been made. "Texas Roadhouse needs to make alot of changes quick" is also incorrect, as millions enjoy our unique atmosphere across the country every day. However incorrect your statement was, i do support your right to have an opinion, as well as i have my own, and if people didnt complain and make statements for others to disagree and debate over, alot of great ideas would have never been born, creative thoughts manifested, people challenged instead of remaining complacent. Texas Roadhouse's conception was borne by one man, who scribbled out the idea, and how the store would look on a paper napkin. He almost lost everything, his first office was under a stairwell, and his filing cabinet was a cardboard Budweiser box. People told him he was crazy, and that it would never work. He eventually was in debt up to his eyeballs. He was told to just "put it to rest" before he lost everything. He did. For two weeks. Out pounding the pavement with his idea and proposal, again, he got a lucky break.After finally seeing his idea become a reality by opening his first store, then another, eventually having a few stores, two of them closed. He was in danger, once again, of loosing everything. But he did not listen. He kept on . He later stated that his original goal was to open ten restaurants in ten years.( by 2011 there were over 340 Texas Roadhouse stores nationwide. ) At a Managing Partners conference in Florida, in 1999, Kent Taylor, when asked about his success, made the comment, " I'm just a Bubba with a good idea." And that, it was. It was Legendary. Hope that you find the Casual Dining Chain that best suits your needs, and that they treat you as a guest should be treated. Here's to you, and many more dinner adventures! Good luck to you-and good health.

  • Ka
      17th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes
    Texas Roadhouse In Lafayette In - food and music
    texas road house
    1500 Waverly Court
    United States

    My family & I went to the Texas Roadhouse in Lafayette Indiana there were 7 of us. My husband and I could not get them to cook our steak the way we wanted them to, they were taken back several time and finally we decided to order something else, the waiter was very rud to us. Also the music was very, very load thatI could not visit with my family, I asked the manager if he could lower it down and he said yes, well he never did and my family and I had to actually yelled at each other so we could hear our conversations. It was a very bad experience and thought you should know about this situation.

  • Ba
      17th of May, 2011
    0 Votes
    Texas Road House - a couple of things
    New York
    United States

    where to begin. the phone ahead waiting. called to have a 8:30 seating. well they say get their 15 min prior. well we decided to get there abit earlier and well lets say add the 15 min get here early to the actual wait we had and your over an hr. so lets say we didn't get seated till about after 9pm. and I told the wife do you still want to stay. she said sure. so we did. Well we gotten seated and ordered our drinks and some appitizers. myself the rattle snake bites and the wife the fried pickle chips. well mine came out somewhat cold and the chips like they came out of the fryer. Ok. well I ordered the pulled pork and the wife the salmon since she doesn't eat MEAT. well the pulled pork looked like they just ripped the pieces off and through them on the bun. not alot of sause on the meat which sucked. the fries of mine were like over over seasoned with their spices which made me say forget eating the rest of them even with Katchape on them. now onto the wifes meal. well the salmon slice was really small. the piece I think didn't even measure about 2" for a slice and that is giving some extra since I didn't measure it properly. they spiced the hell of it and for that little slice I think somebody needs to realize alittle bit goes along way especially with a small portion slice. the Veg's were cooking in butter and the wife was like forget it. the impression I got was like they steamed the veg but added butter to it like that is going to help make it taste different. My brother went to the place and said oh everything is great and such that I wonder what day he went since we had a terriable meal. the wife and I asked the server when should we come. the week day is better so we will try it again and see but if they haven't fixed problems I think that will be the last time we eat there.

  • Mo
      17th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    That made my brain hurt.

  • Fm
      11th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes
    Texas Roadhouse Prescott - pooooor service!!
    United States

    Yikes!! Never going there again! Its a mess at the Prescott Texas Roadhouse, they cant make up they're minds on business hours. The Waite for seating is ridiculous even when its not busy, and the lady manager wendy is very unprofessional, and rude to her employees in front of customers. I felt like I was intruding in someones argument, but I was stuck sitting near the work area, and could hear everything that was going on. Id rather go to olive garden from now on, they really know how to run a business, and the food is always good!

  • Me
      15th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    First, if you are going to complain then spell correctly. Second I'm about 100% sure it is impossible to look like a thug in a roadhouse uniform. If they are standing around it may be because it isn't their job to clean certain things. I'm part of the opening team in a Colorado restaurant and know they tell us to ONLY do what we are assigned due to child labor laws for anyone under 18. You don't know what is going on in that restaurant so don't talk crap about a company you've never worked for. Again, don't be illiterate.

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