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Terminix / Most disgusting TV commercial

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I have no idea if Terminix is a good pest control service or not, but the commercial now showing on TV which shows a termite crawling out of Ben Franklin's eye (on a $100 bill) is the most stomach-turning I have ever seen. I believe that they could make the point that termite infestations cost money without that bug-eating-eyeball image--who made this commercial--a teen-aged boy overdosed on horror movies? I doubt if that is the target audience for Terminix services. It certainly would make me avoid them for all time just based on a lack of common decency.

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  • St
      15th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Jeez, y'all are WAY too squeamish. An insect eating paper is "stomach-churning"? What's next, the "gross-out police" issuing tickets for offending people with bugs? GIMMEE A BREAK! "Common decency"? You act like the commercial had child pornography or sadistic necrophilia in it. It's just a freakin' insect and a piece of paper. If it was maggots eating a real human eyeball, you might have a point, but it's just paper money, not an eyeball. How ludicrous to claim it is some kind of "moral" issue! Grow up. How sheltered and sterile a life can one live? Do you cry in horror and call the cops when some roadkill rots and gets eaten by fly larvae (maggots) and vultures? That's a little closer to "stomach churning" for the average person than an insect on TV eating paper, yet it's a fact of life and nature. and gross as it is, does not send people on a crusade.
    Some people ARE truly creeped-out by insects & other pests way beyond rationality, like the cartoon women who stand on a chair screaming when they see a tiny mouse, like it's gonna grow wings and rattlesnake fangs and suddenly leap up and rip out their throat. It's totally irrational, but nonetheless a common phobia. Should we ban commercials with rooftop views to avoid offending people who are afraid of heights? Ban crowd scenes to "protect" the agoraphobics? Like anything else on TV, if you're so offended, change the channel or look away for the 30 seconds, don't mount a campaign against the company. Their business is to sell exterminating services in a competitive field, so to most rational people a little something "gross" just gets their attention and makes the commercial memorable. That's one of advertisings main goals, to stand out in a sea of competition. Ditto for the Orkin commercials. Are y'all going to raise a stink about their commercials with the human-sized rats next? To most rational people they're pretty funny. If you're so easily offended, stick to the Disney channel and go live someplace with no insects. I hear Siberia doesn't have too many scary insects.

  • Mi
      27th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    It is one of your commercials. I see on Fox News and other channels, it starts out with termites bunch up on a tree on an open stump. Then they gather up into a swarm flying away looking like flying whitish pus making a revolting sound in the air. It feels the swarm of pus flying out my TV forming living pus mass on my face, dripping down to my chin. As I am watching your revolting termites’ commercial. if you guys can see fit, please pull it off the air, for I would be very grateful, Michael Diamond

  • Su
      30th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    My daughters and I both find the commercial with the termites coming out of the tree disgusting and the sound gives us the creeps. Please remove the commercial from off of Tv. It makes us almost break out in hives.

  • Su
      30th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    The channel is 13-2 the Justice Network in Hampton Rds Va...Please Please Remove it.

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