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I purchased 144 factory refurbished XBOX 360 Pro 20 GB Core Units from via an online auction. I began to sell these items in accordance to the purchasing description "Refurbished XBox 360..." The issues began shortly after- customer complaints stating that the item they received would not work due to technical issues such as RROD, etc. I either replaced the customers damaged item, or refunded their money for the entire purchase, and contacted techliquidators asking why the items were defective. They responded stating that I had purchased defective units. I then inquired as to what evidence they had supporting this, since all of my documentation stated otherwise. They could not produce any documentation supporting this, and thus changed their story to the items were purchased "as is". I contested stating that they stated that these items were "factory refurbished, like new units", which implied that they were functional, and thus this was a misrepresentation of the item, and asked for a resolution. Again they responded that I purchased defective units- to which I demanded to speak with a manager. The manager stated that the items were "as-is" and would not offer any support or assistance to my complaint. Out of the 72 units sold, over 45 were or became damaged over the past 3 months, which leads me to believe that these items were falsely advertised, and were not factory refurbished. They have since not responded to my complaints.

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  • Do
      Feb 03, 2011

    Im very sorry to hear about your bad experience, I have had many with them as well ... I Completley agree with being beware of dealing with tech liquidators. They are a increasingly shifty company to buy from. For example: They will sell unactivated cards (think of a gift card but for the purchase of some specific item like a Garmin GPS Map Update or Downloadable PSP Game), etc. and they will manifest that the value of these cards is retail value anywhere from 20 to 100 each, So looking on a manifest you see 500 cards worth 25 grand total for example, but what alot of people do not realize is that these cards have NO Value at all untill they are activated at a best buy register, and guess what they were never activated. So you now have 500 worthless pieces of plastic that belong in a dumpster and no where else. I have NEVER seen another company do anything like this except best buy / tech liquidators / They will also sell old obselete units that also can not be used any more due to discontinues service. Sometimes they will also sell very old items but manifest them at very expensive prices to make the lot or load look like it has much more value than it does. Also their "tech grade" Merchandise is complete salvage, do not let them fool you by avoiding the word "salvage" because that is what it is. Overall if anyone does buy from there just be very very aware of what it is you "think" your buying, because if they can pull a fast one on a customer, THEY WILL!

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  • Te
      Feb 11, 2011

    It feels like they bid up there own products. Also they dumped a ton of Activision products right before the announcement they definitively knew. I really think these guys are very shady, they sell the same stuff online . they definitely cherry pick these auctions. beware of best buy they are a retailer first and alot of there auctions on this site are junk or going for near retail pricing. They are trying to make the secondary market a 10 percent discount from retail or getting rid of there garbage.

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  •   Feb 22, 2011

    @TechMex - Thank you for your concern and my sincerest apologies for the frustration involved in unexpectedly dealing with non-functioning product. I hope we can address your concern again and clear up any remaining confusion.

    I looked up your record an according to the original auction listing which you purchased, some of the items were clearly stated as refurbished and some were clearly stated as not in working condition. Additionally, some were listed as missing the HDD and any other accessories for the Xbox 360 core unit.

    You purchased product that was stated in As-Is condition. We have customers who do make use of non functioning product. I assure you this is not an attempt to mislead on our part. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience, but at a certain point we have to depend on our customers to read the details of product. This is all clearly stated in the User Purchase Agreement and Terms and Conditions: We are not any different than other ecommerce sites in this respect. However, like any clearance market, we have a no return policy because we are liquidating at-risk inventory.

    @Dominance9 – We have no intention of misleading our customers in any way. If we make a mistake, we remedy it. In the case of the Garmin GPS updates, we have refunded the customers who brought this to our attention. We are sorry for the inconvenience or frustration our mistake has caused you or your business and hope we can continue to earn your business in the future.

    @tech 12 - It is illegal, and would be misleading, for TechLiquidators employees to bid on TechLiquidators auctions and this is strictly prohibited. We have maintained a zero-tolerance policy on this issue. We have committed buyers who know they can make a return on certain products. If bidding seems high on an auction, it is simply due to competition among buyers attempting to secure product that has proven to be high value inventory for those buyers.

    I certainly understand feeling like you got the brunt end of a deal, but imperfection is the inevitable result of the sheer speed and scale involved in liquidating huge amounts of inventory. When we make a mistake, we take responsibility and fix the problem. We have built this reputation over a decade and that is why we have maintained such loyal buyers.

    We are working to address issues that have negatively impacted our customers and realize there is room for improvement. If we can do anything to help further resolve these issues and earn your business back, please contact us - (877) 310-5083 or email us at [protected]

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  • Wh
      May 23, 2011

    I too have bought several loads of products from Techliquidators. Initially the loads were decent but the manifest vs actual items has gone down hill so much in the last year that I am seeking alternative sources for inventory. I have had loads come in where I purhcased it becuase 75% of the value was in 25% of the items only to have the load show up with only 5% of these high end items on it! The response to me from TL? Sorry, you accepted our disclaimer when you bid on the load! I cannot believe a company can do this and get away with it, talk about bait and switch! Also - I have purchased a load of refurbished blu-rau players. I would say the defect rate on these is between 35-45%, pure junk and I lost a lot of money on it. When contacted they claimed they were sold as-is, howver, they were advertised as "Refurbished, tested for functionality, 100% working", yet they stick to their guns and said no, they were as-is.

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  •   May 23, 2011

    Whybuytechliquid -

    We're truly sorry for the frustration this has caused you.

    Our loyal and long-time customers derive most of the value from sourcing with TechLiquidators because over time, despite occasional inconsistencies in the product quantities or condition, they make a huge profit because they are still paying small prices for the inventory.

    We do everything we can to address these situations with our customers when they arise, but the product is all listed as-is because it is being quickly liquidated from all over the US. If there is anything else we can do to help resolve your issue, please contact customer care.

    Thank you,

    TechLiquidators Customer Care
    (877) 310-5083

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  • Rb
      May 31, 2011

    I have spent a lot of money with tech over time and have made good profits. I came across this site while searching if they are closing due to many of the warehouses closing/relocating.
    This cracks me up! These complainers are the ones that do not deserve to be on the sight. They drive prices up with no common sense. They all forget to mention that the buyer has the choice on how much they want to bid! Always consider half damaged and being able to sell for half of retail. Bid accordingly. Its not rocket science. This is not for amatuers!lol. Not for the something for nothing type person. Like anything else you have to do it, learn, and build. NOT buy one pallet and think you hit a jackpot!lol. I have had a few problems with description issues and was well taken care of.

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  • Ab
      Jun 14, 2011

    I to am coming more and more disgruntled with techliquidators. I have been buying from them for awhile, and always, until recently, was very happy with my purchases. I have noticed more locations pop up on the site, and some disappear. Flower mound Texas was one of my favorite places to purchase from, because they always posted great pictures of the load itself. I started noticing they were not listing as much, and asked customer service. And they said they closed their texas location. But then a few days later, I saw some posts from them. My worst purchase was a pallet of dvd players, that was labeled Used/Returns. When I received this pallet I was astonished! It should have been labeled Salvage, I do not purchase salvage and this was! Over 90% of the units did not work and were all mostly missing remotes and none were in retail packaging! This is salvage, not returns! I lost alot of money on that load, and will never purchase from that warehouse again! It was the one in Kentucky, they never post pictures and now I see why! I used to love this site because of the profit margin I could get. But it has really gone done hill since last year! I am now looking for other sourcing means, as I can no longer make a profit and dont know whether to believe what they list is correct. Its hard to bid on something when you cant really tell anymore if its returns or salvage product!

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  • Br
      Jun 15, 2011

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of what to expect with Shipping on a multi (say 5) pallet auction from 500 miles away? I am afraid to bid because I can't get any clue if we are talking about $500 for shipping, or $5000!

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  • Ab
      Jun 16, 2011

    Thats another problem, most of the new places they have added do not put the shipping cost on the item, so you have no way of knowing if your shipping costs are gonna be 100 or 800 or more. Dont they know if they put shipping cost and pictures of the products they would get more bids?? Or is it they dont want you to see your actually bidding on junk even though it says Used/Returns. Even today as Im looking at their site I get more disgruntled!!! Only 1 in every 20 auctions has a picture, flower mound texas was always the best about that. Guess its time to look for more suppliers!

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  • Ab
      Jun 29, 2011

    Ok, so after I posted my complaint I was contacted by techliquidators. They are sincerely concerned about the recent issues coming out of certain warehouses and are working diligently to get them resolved. I never had any issues with them until recently and was always 100% satisfied. After speaking with them today on the phone they resolved the issues I had completely and regained my trust and my business. Thanks techliquidators for resolving those issues for me and keeping a customer. I won't call the CSR by name but he and the other CSR have been extremely helpful and I do believe they are working to get these kinks worked out. Just remember when you bid on an auction, look at the condition and look at the manifest and calculate the shipping before you bid. And remember to only expect 50% of the retail value posted when you resale, and expect used/returns to have at least 20-30% defective items. This is the nature of the business. Thanks again.

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  • Ma
      Jul 14, 2011

    Has anyone on this forum other than a Tech-liquidator CSR received resolution to a pallet that was missing 80% of its value (Panasonic 3D 50" TV, apple products, droid products and a satellite receiver). Please direct me in the right direction to getting this problem resolved. Monique E. has said she is working on this, but has never contacted me back nor will she tell me if they will ever resolve this problem. I would much appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks!

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  • Ab
      Jul 22, 2011

    madeezauction, if you are referring to me I assure you I am no CSR. I am a reseller, and sell mostly on ebay. I received a resolution to my problem pretty fast. If you will email me, I will send you the email of the CSR that helped me resolve my issue and I am sure they will work with you.

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  • Jo
      Jul 26, 2011

    I was glad to hear that there is someone else out there that thinks some of the locations are not providing as good of service as others, and I agree that Kentucky seems to be the worst. Was always very happy with the Texas location as well, but then when they started shutting down, made the mistake of buying from the Kentucky location. Like stated, they dont show any pictures, so makes it even harder to get an idea what you will get, then when it does arrive, several items are missing, and of course its the high end items. I tried to complain, but got the standard policy excuse. I understand the policy, the risk ect.. but maybe a little more up front honesty on techliquidators part would be nice!! I can understand they may not know what items will work, condition of everything ect, thats part of the whole risk I knowingly take on as a buyer, and I can understand maybe a few items missing, but see no excuse for putting multiple items on a manifest that are not even there, thats just plain fraud!!
    Hopefully this is just an issue with certain warehouses, and something will be done about it.

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  • Av
      Jul 27, 2011

    TechLiquidators are total rip offs, they sell junk for the high prices. I lost over $2500 bucks buying pallets that were advertized as store returns, not so they were all salvaged junk.
    Do not buy from them !!!

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  •   Jul 27, 2011

    @ medeezauction -
    We are truly sorry for this frustrating experience, however we would like to clarify a few things. We are familiar with your case. Originally, you contacted us saying you received the wrong load, then you later said that you got the correct load, but were missing items. You state in this post that you were missing 80% of your load, but it was actually less than 10% - 56 items of a 631 item load, to be exact. We offered you a partial refund and have not heard back from you at this point. If there is anything else we can do to further help address this situation and earn your business back, please contact customer care - (877) 310-5083

    TechLiquidators Team Member

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  •   Aug 04, 2011

    For general reference, TechLiquidators holds an A+ rating with the BBB:​iquidators

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  • Hr
      Aug 07, 2011

    I am no CSR, but I have to say that techliquidators are by far the best of a bad bunch. I came to techliquidators because had all but gone to the dogs and I needed a new supplier. I have bought 10 pallets of goods from TL and overall I have to say I'm satisfied with my goods. Some of the merchandise was bad and some items were missing, but overall I have gotten my money's worth.

    My last pallet is a perfect example. It was 10 monitors, a 32" TV and a laptop. All sold as returns/used items. One of the advertised monitors was missing and yes this was a high dollar item, but it was replaced by a reasonably valued monitor. the 32" TV was brand new and sealed. The laptop was not the one advertised, but was instead a much better one. Overall I priced this lot for reselling at $1200 so I paid $600. I generally expect a few things to be either broken or missing parts so I expected to get $900 out of the pallet...a strong 50% profit. In the end I have sold or still have listed $1250 so I'm actually going to make 100% profit and that is outstanding.

    In conclusion, I have bought some bad goods from techliquidators and I've also bought some awesome stuff. Overall I've made a good profit on the goods I've bought and will continue to buy from them. If you want everything you get to be in perfect condition then go buy it new at the store. You are buying liquidated goods at cents on the dollar and should expect to be disappointed occasionally. If you can't cope with the occasional loss then don't deal in liquidated goods.

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  • Wh
      Aug 12, 2011

    TechLiquidators - in my dealings trying to resolve the problems I have had I dealt with Monique and was offered no resolution. I'm past it now but felt I needed to share one of my bad experiences with others so they can make their decision as to whether or not to use your firm. I still do and for the most part, am happy. One of my main problems is this, you list items as "Refurbished" and then go on to list the refurbished items as tested, working, etc, yet when someone has a 20-50% defect rate you claim the "as-is" card, why even have a refurbished category at this point then becuase it just gives buyers a false sense of trust in the product. Second, your shepherdsville, KY plant is the pits. I use to buy from Indiana, it was a great facility but is now closed. Ben in KY NEVER returns calls, I leave messages everytime I buy loads looking for tracking information because I need to schedule unloading yet I dont get the tracking until, if I am lucky, an hour before it shows up and usually I get it afterwords. That, and the quality of loads from Shephersville has gone down hill.

    With all that said, I still purchase and make money.

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  • Bl
      Sep 01, 2011

    i haven't bought anything from them yet, but in doing some research i discovered that one of their items manifested on a return lot was first attempted to be auctioned off at the site I pretty sure they are cherry picking the good stuff for cowboom (a best buy company) Notice their is never anything good that anybody actually wants at techliquidators (a best buy company). I'm sure they test everything there to a tee. Your pallet gets a few working items. lol You can get a bunch of guitars and home theater equipment. What about the ipads. Whatever, i guess if you want to become an expert in slow moving stuff that no one wants, you can most likely get a great deal on this crap. Good old days of returns are gone forever.

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  • Tl
      Oct 24, 2011

    I have purchased a number of items from tech liquidators over the past couple of years. I have gotten to the point where I won't buy anymore. The straw that broke the camels back was a lot of televisions listed as return items. Every last one of the TVs were non functional. They had broken LCDs and basically non repairable. Had Techliquidators been honest in listing them as Salvage rather than Customer Returns, I would have never bid on them. After opening a case, the CSR claimed the "as-is" line. They have a salvage category and list many lots with that category. It was a fun hobby for awhile, but being ripped off is no fun.

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  • Jo
      Oct 28, 2011

    When you are buying a return pallet, It is described by TechLiquidators and It have to be sale according the description. I have bought some pallets in TechLiquidators, one of them was delivered incomplete, I have loss 40% (6K) of my investment, The guys form TechL did not respond my emails, I called and they told me It was no return accepted and that is the nature of the return business where there is variation in the pallets and the items. But 40% of variation is not acceptable, PEOPLE, please think about it before buy at

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  • Jo
      Oct 28, 2011

    The items missing are:

    1 [5602926] AF016C-700 Tamron AF016C-700 17-50mm f/2.8 AF Zoom Lens for

    2 [6951993] LT17X475 AS-IS JVC LT-17X475 17 inch LCD WIDESCREEN 16:9

    3 [7921427] 0131002357 Fender Classic Series 50s Stratocaster Guitar

    4 [7962090] 0284001111 Fender Starcaster Strat Electric Guitar Pack

    5 [8236777] ROADMATE760 Magellan Roadmate 760 GPS Navigator 3.75in Touch

    6 [8618740] NS-R2000 AS-IS Insignia NS-R2000 200W 2.0-Ch. Stereo Receiver

    7 [8792790] 0910104126 Fender Starcaster 6-String Acoustic Guitar

    8 [9123891] GO910 TOMTOM GO910

    9 [9133336] BD717B GPX BD717B Portable DVD/Karaoke System w/ 7in LCD

    10 [9265292] RF-NANMSE Rocketfish Nano Laser Wireless USB Laptop Mouse

    11 [9174301] DTXPLORER PARTS:Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Set Kit

    12 [9793690] 300-1003 500GB AS-IS HP TouchSmart 20in Desktop X2 2.7GHz 4GB

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  • Jo
      Oct 28, 2011

    Missin Items - TechLiquidators Pallet Invoice# IN-3920726

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  • Fm
      Oct 30, 2011

    We've just been ripped of by "Techscamators" when they sold us "salvage" and broken units for used functioning units. as always, they pushed back on any returns or refunds and stopped answering our emails. we've taken this to the following agencies for reporting scams and possible resolution:

    - BBB of CA and MN
    - State Attorney General and consumer protection
    - our Credit Card Companies
    - FTC
    - various Blogs like this one
    - Our attorney
    - few other sources that we won't discolse

    this company needs to either square up with its customers or shutdown a sham operation that seems to operate on midirection, false adveristing and straight out scams. shame on you for carrying the "Best Buy" brand and running it through the dirt!

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  • Bo
      Nov 08, 2011

    I am hoping someone on here can help me, I purchased a lot of 34 items from I have for a couple of years purchased off and know what to expect when purchasing return items. So went online before purchasing and did some research, saw some bad on forums (expected) but mostly people saying when there was a issue techliquidators took care of it. So I bid and won. I marked and paid extra for inside delivery, fedex called me and they did not have it as a inside delivery, fedex said they would contact techliquidators and find out what was going on. 3 days later I call fedex and am told that techliquidators has not replied to several emails asking what to do. I tell fedex at this point just deliver and I will unload the semi from the street into my home because I need the product to sell. So fedex was wonderful and delivered that day. I unload the semi by hand and it leaves.
    At this point I start unpacking and discover out of the 34 items I purchased 7 were missing, not there at all. And the top 2 most expensive items one of them is a 7 pc item and it only has 3 of the pieces (not counting the power cord or wiring that is not with anything, that would be no big deal to replace) and my second most expensive item is smashed in and should be salvage. (I discovered later my third most expensive item is a 2 pc item and only 1 pc is there making it useless, but did not know this when I sent techliquidators a dispute)
    So I send a dispute to techliquidators explaining in detail the 2 junk items, the 7 missing items and that I need my money back I paid extra on the inside delivery charge. This is on Friday Oct. 28th. I send the dispute message. I get a reply they are looking into it and will get back with me. A week later, approx. Nov. 4th, I send a message to the person that emailed me telling me he would look into it and let me know, asking if they figured out what happened and what they were going to do.
    My question is how long does it take for them to respond to a dispute? I don't know if I should hang on to these things I did get or go ahead and sell them... when I purchase things I have buyers lined up before I purchase, they are resellers that purchase in smaller lots from me. I need to purchase some other items that my resellers are requesting but am afraid to until I know what is going to happen with this purchase.
    Once again please don't think I am expecting more than I should... out of the 24 items I did get 5 did not work (not counting the 3 most expensive items that are junk) I expected some nonfunctional items.

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  • Da
      Nov 16, 2011

    My first experience with techliquidators will also be my LAST. I don't care what they say or do at this point, and I hope some of you are pissed enough to consider a class action lawsuit against this supposedly legitimate company who is obviously scamming people by shipping out unusable items, and as for my experience, i didn't even receive all the items on my invoice. When I contact them, it's like one excuse after another and nobody seems to know what happens once you place your order and it is shipped. Do they have a bunch of monkeys in the warehouse just throwing items onto pallets? For what I paid, I could have gone to Best Buy directly and bought as many pieces brand new as are usable in my shipment. And they hide behind their "terms and conditions." Sorry, techliquidators, but your screwed up when you sent me an invoice stating what was going to be shipped. I have already spoken to a lawyer and he thinks we may have a class action worth pursuing, depending on how many other people have been screwed over.


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  • Li
      Dec 03, 2011

    I purchased a Car Audio Lot from, this one came from KY. Don't get me wrong, I understand the resale value of these things on average are 50% of the MSRP, and I understand there's a 30% fail rate (30% of the items, on average, will not work, or will not arrive). When you buy from them, you just gotta consider the risks, that's why the prices are where they are. If business was as horrible as many of you mentioned, everyone (and I mean everyone) would had stopped buying their auctions. Truth is, just don't overbid. Don't buy a $20, 000 MSRP auction thinking you'll make $20, 000 or even $10, 000. No, that's unrealistic. Do the math, 50% resale with a 30% fail rate. This means $20, 000 * .5 = $10, 000 * .7 = $7, 000. The MOST you'll make if you actually sell these items are their average estimated value will be $7, 000. So if you bid $3000 and end up paying $500 for shipping, you'll get $3500 in profits. If you throw all these on eBay for auction and only end up covering your costs, you're headed for a dead end. Do the math.

    Despite all this, yes, I've had a chunk of my items come in with empty boxes or just plastic wrap that had a label. Complete BS I know, but I knew the risk and moved on.

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  • Oh
      Jan 15, 2012

    I've purchased a few of their auctions from the Shepherdsville, KY location. What I am noticing is that their auctions listed as Used and Returns are accurate. But what they won't tell you is that more than half of the items from the manifest are from their trade-in services.

    Just go to the website if you're not familiar with their trade in service. You take an old item that they sell, or used to sell, and then you trade it in for a gift card. You might get something, you might not. Anyway, I'm willing to bet they throw these trade ins to fill up 70% of the manifest which makes the auction appear more attractive with the MSRP rates. You can do your research and estimate the resale values but you won't know until you actually get the auction. Upon inspection and first glance, everything looks like it's there. The retail boxes, properly packaged inside 24x24x24 type boxes. It's when you open the retail boxes and do your quality control that you'll start to see what I mean.

    Don't get me wrong, maybe a tenth of the items are from their "30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed" returns, so these will still appear new. Some will have manufacturer defects; I'd say a good 20% of the entire manifest. End result? 70% of the items are from customer trade-ins, 20% of the items are manufacturer defects (looks new but doesn't work), 10% are like new customer returns.

    I've had a range of different items, from blown subwoofers to disgustingly used cordless phones. Whoever used these phones never washed their hands I tell ya. And I'm sure it's impossible to get so many scuffs and smudges on a Philips PD7012 in 30 days so I bet you these April 2010 dual screen players are from their customer trade-ins. Don't believe me? Buy one of these auctions and see for yourself.

    Way to go Best Buy, give away $5 Gift Cards for an item with an MSRP of $149.99, and charge a good 15% from all the customers who buy these auctions. That's a net profit of 11% on customer trade ins! How many auctions go up each month? The MSRP is in the millions. So yes, the average auction goes for 15% of the MSRP, and the average month probably auctions up to $10M MSRP of items. 15% of that $10M? $1.5M. Expense? What expense? Like I said, most of these items they get for their auctions are from customer trade-ins! A $5 Gift Card for an item with an MSRP of $149.99, doesn't matter if it's 2 years old! So their expense for these auctions a month would be somewhere around $33K.

    Not bad.

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  • To
      Jan 17, 2012

    Oh Wells, so funny, I agree with how some things are just absolutely disgusting - how about ear buds? I've seen enough wax to make me vomit. Or head sets with a mic boom by the mouth, I think half the people ate their lunch with these in their mouths, gross.

    It's a tough job and takes a lean work crew to make any money. It can be done but there is a ton of risk.

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  • Ko
      Feb 26, 2012

    I was investigating TECH as a possible paying source for returns and such. What I seem to be finding out is that their manifest for 1 is way way way over valued. A 2001 apple G-5 I mac listed at $1799.00 and you can't pay someone to use one for a turkey shoot. I also had questions about the fact that they have a chain of selling that seems to be (A, grade(Best Buy, )(B) Grade, Deal Tree, )( and Best buy Outlet on EBAY), (C.)( Grade Cow (D grade, Tech D grade meaning; DONE BEEN THROUGH IT ALL you get to buy the ShaTz. How could there be anything of use left if they have 4 different levels of selling their products to maximize they profits and minimize their losses. It seems to be a well oiled machine designed to dump the worst of the worst on any sucker who will ante up the cash for products site unseen. That's their catch, they offer you NO inspection process of any type, they are using their Best Buy name to lure you. Think about it, Have you ever in your life gone to an auction where they say;; OK, Folks Step right up;' what we have here for auction is a picture of a box worth $1799.00 with these products in it AS-IS we inspected them and they are Grade A++ or B- BUT, ' U can't see the items, NO!!! because the condition of something is subjective and varies from person to person, An Item I see as being totally worthless & junk, another man might see as being GOLD, ("especially IF IT IS HIS ITEM HE IS SELLING.") How can you expect any of their employees put a real world value on an item when Best Buy teaches them the BEST BUY grading system, not the real world grading system. and if they are offering products as refurbished and then pulling the old AS-IS trick on you. They have carefully set the system up so you were screwed from the start. If they really wanted to sell these items in the manner which they advertise them. They would have a location and time that a registered member could come and do a simple visual inspection. and have detailed photos of all products posted along with a detailed damaged report. As far as refurbished there should be a warranty on it if it really was refurbished. I know there are a lot of stupid people out there who would buy anything and then complain they got ripped off, i am not even counting them, i am only examining the chain in which Best Buy processes their goods, 1best buy, 2. Ebay best buy / 4. Tech which should be named, WWW.I Shat U if it came directly from best buy and Best Buy had no 4 level CHAIN that the products were funneled through that would be an honest representation of the products you were buying. But unfortunately it's not, Best buy is telling the little white lie store returns, which it is returned, returned from 5 locations as being bad and now they are listing the JACKED UP MSRP as 20% higher then a brand new item. Use your noodle people, this is a big corporation, and their only goal is to make as much money as humanly possible with no regard to the negative affects their lies have on the average person. If there is good stuff coming out of there, someone with deep pockets has paid to pick through all the better stuff before you ever see it anyway. There return policy should be very liberal on refurbished products if they really wanted happy customers and their would be no as-is clause overlapping those products listed as refurbished. It ain't protecting you it is covering them.

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  • Ko
      Feb 26, 2012

    Oh yea, think about this, even if they rip you off, Who's going to jail? NO BODY the system itself is set up so that if tech Liquidators were to sell you bags of horse crap that they had listed as; 2012 mac book pros (returns) in excellent condition and you opened the bag and it was nothing but horse turds, if you went down to the local sheriff to swear out a warrant for Fraud, he wouldn't do a 'damn thing' about it. He would laugh at you and tell you to get a lawyer. and then after spending 3-4 grand you might your money back. and no one would go to JAIL For FRAUD. Tech Liquidators system and disclaimers are set up to cover their ### not yours. If Best BUY were a company that wanted their customers to be 100% satisfied with whatever they are selling the would have a process set up so that their morals would easily be seen. I would take then nothing to have detailed damage descriptions along with photos of any damage for each and every product going through the chain. I know many companies that do this and go out of their way to clearly state on each item that this item has (Damage, missing parts, or whatever is wrong with it if anything at all is wrong with it.) So anyone who is foolish enough to buy products site unseen got just what they paid for, AN EDUCATION

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  •   Mar 02, 2012

    Hi All, Most of these concerns have been indirectly mentioned and addressed on the previous page. But a few additional comments will hopefully help keep the thread running on the right track.

    While most of the concerns appears to be with missing or damaged items, we can simply say that, if your business cannot handle the risk of an "as-is" no returns sale, it is best to stick to New and Refurbished product on the website. TechLiquidators holds an "A" rating with the BBB, and communicate in plain English the straightforward terms of use for the TechLiquidators website. See BBB review of TechLiquidators:

    The TechLiquidators market does not work for all buyers. But for those who are able to navigate the risk, the profits have been so sustainable that we've been the primary source of thousands of small electronics wholesalers for years.

    When we can identify a clear instance of missing items or items arriving in a condition significantly worse than listed on the website, we will almost always issue a partial refund.

    With Used/Returned product, you are taking a 50/50 gamble. There are no guarantees about product cosmetic or operational condition: "In most cases, no testing or repairs have been attempted on the listed products. The packaging will be in various states including: opened, distressed and/or missing. There will be units that lack essential components, accessories and documentation. Used/Returns products most likely function or may retain some functionality from the original equipment manufacturers specifications."

    With Salvage product, assume that none of it works. That is the definition of salvage Some of the components may work, but absolutely no testing has been done. The main value buyers find in this product is by stripping out parts from various units and reassembling them to build units or by using them to repair other units.

    TechLiquidators is a liquidation channel that creates an efficient way for Best Buy to move secondary inventory out of the warehouse, while meeting a demand for wholesalers. We are completely transparent about product condition and the risk involved, but what may work for one buyer may not work for another, so we have to rely on our buyers to use cautious judgement in buying on TechLiquidators.

    Because liquidation lots are huge and mixed, they are more prone to error. If you have been the unfortunate recipient of a grossly mis-represented auction, please contact Customer Care and we will do everything we can to rectify the situation for you.

    Thank you,
    TechLiquidators Customer Care

    30 Executive Park | Suite 100
    Irvine, CA 92614
    (888) 602-6963
    Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm PST

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  • St
      Mar 08, 2012

    Yeah these guys are a bunch of scam to avoid them altogether...and if you have the time, money and sanity left after dealing with them in the beginning ...sue them.

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  • St
      Mar 08, 2012

    Funny thing about Best Buy is they got sued some years back for bait and switch advertising...seems they moved those clowns and that policy to their liquidation dept. Best Buy is a scam to begin with and this company is nothing different AVOID AT ALL COST!

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  • Dt
      Mar 14, 2012

    While I have had mild success with techliquidators, the biggest problem is on the site is the buyers. The prices people are paying are absolutely absurd. Couple that with the fact that the high margin items (car stereos, etc..) have been replaced with Retro popcorn poppers and Rocketfish bluetooth adapters (that you are lucky to $.99 out of) and you no linger have a viable business. We have been doing this for about a year (we resell on ebay and amazon) and the math over a year shows that you can usually get about 25 - 30% of retail on a good load. Anyone (I know I've seen reps from techliquidators saying that you should expect 50% of retail) saying any different has been EXTREMELY lucky or is a shill for techliquidators. That 30% of MSRP is REVENUE not PROFIT. So on a $20, 000 lot you should expect to generate around $6, 000 in REVENUE (not profit). Take out all expenses (Returns, Warehousing, Shipping Supplies, Ebay and Paypal fees, and OH YEAH Uncle Sam wants more than ever) and you are looking at very modest profits. The good news is that anyone paying more than 10 - 15% of MSRP on these $20, 000 lots out of Sheperdsville, KY wont be around for long. The bad news is it takes a while to rid the site of these overpaying idiots.

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  • Wi
      May 15, 2012

    Thanks guys, I was looking into buying some of their auctions, but after looking at the above comments, I'd rather stay away. Thanks to this community, it seems like I saved my money.

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  • Bk
      Jun 04, 2012

    Hello All:
    Seeing all this feedback makes me very leary of But let me ask you a few questions please. How is your success with items listed as "New" from techliquidators? Also, do you have any suggestions for any other auction sites that you have had success with? Thanks you for replies.

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  • Al
      Jun 07, 2012

    they treat like ### there holding money on something i never got i bib on 3 idims i put max bid next person bib same price they told to raise my bid and other bidder got for my max bid that bull they screw you or added days to idem you can get out of store open box's or close outs there somebuddy's friend there bibing things up i, ll never deal with i, m still waiting for refund on something that never lelf warehouse. rude customer-care person if you can .I read they sold 1.3 billion dollars last year

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  • Dr
      Oct 09, 2012

    I My self Had some bad experience with . I've bought a few customer returns from them that came as Salvage. The first time they honor the deal by refunding me partial of the money after I Demeaned to speak to Monique. Soon after I bought a pallet of customer return Tv's from them. I ended up Loosing $2600 because only one of the Tvs worked. Some had broken screens and the rest were just nonFunctional. When I called to Complain about it, the pulled the As Is Card. It was not the first time they sent me salvage when I supposedly bought Customer returns. The Rep Who answered the called was rude and sounded like he did not care about the items were salvage, the got my money and a bunch of other suckers like me waiting to give them their money in hope of hitting a good lot. They are playing the Pimping game and were are the tricks. Give trash to sell for them.

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  • Be
      Oct 26, 2012

    Tech Liquidators is for the professional buyer. I have been dealing with them for years, NO ISSUES they have not addressed.

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