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Account# [protected]-400 I got a account in my credit report, I called the hospital (I am paying to them) claim is the doctor office bill. I called spoke with the representative tried to explian I never get any bill or collections notices she start saying is my fault, why I never call (she already make the assumption I am lying) I explain the only bill I got was from the hospital and my bill is already in payments plan.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Knoxville, TN
I just got a paper from the collections agency (I mailed a validation letter since they never gave me any 30 days notification) only stated the amount, I ask for the itemized bill and claim is under the hospital records they dont have any records they dont know what they are charging I need ask TO the hospital. Today I got the bill which make me have 180 days before they report in my credit, but they illegally report at NOVEMBER 2018 60 days after they make the bill (A bill I never got it).
I request a records of the codes and itemized statement from the doctor since they only have a number I want to know why I am paying to the doctor and for what (I am aware of they practice overcharge fees)
Stop illegal collections activities against my credit.

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    The supervisor Suki M gave me a fax # [protected] and mail adress PO BOX 9005 Alcoa TN 37701. THE FAX BELOW TO A insurance company, or either just make it up or just covering an illegal practice.

Jun 08, 2018

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