Tdameritrade / futures brokerage

United States

I started trading commodities in my tdameritrade accouunt. I did not expect them to be be a crack commodity broker, given that they are a stock house, but they are horrible. They will not allow you access to your open trade credit for either withdrawl or additional positions, without a one day lag...yes that is right, they freeze your open trade equity for an entire day! They treat commodity settlements like stock settlements. This can result in all sorts of disasters as a traders. This flaw can freeze you out of spreading off an open position and the issuance of margin calls, despite having more than enough equity in your account. Good luck moving the money out of your account, it took 3 days and hours on the phone to get my money out of there.

It is obvious that no one at the firm has ANY experience trading commodities, their futures "experts" are arrogant, ignorant, and obviously have no idea how professional commodity brokers operate.

Run away, their policies will hurt you some day.

Aug 15, 2014

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