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Tata Sky / inattentive service department

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Subject- Technical problems

We are the unfortunate purchaser of Tata Sky Dish TV connection from the month of January 2007. Our customer details are given below.

DIDGICOMP NO-[protected]
MODEL NO-DS 132070
NDS NO-*CEA7E01054913708.
Subscriber id no-[protected]
Subscriber Name Krishan Dev Sharma
Installed at : 4B-2/14, Varsova View CHS, Four Bungalows, Andheri (W), Mimbai – 400 053

We purchased the connection in January 2007. Our services were resumed in the month of February 2007. Initially we were very much excited having your connection. But soon our enthusiasm died away. Since the March the dish started giving problems. The programs relayed by Tata Sky Dish TV were hazy and unclear and the sound was bad and irritating, particularly when we connected CD / DVD player. All of a sudden the programs will disappear with a torturing sound.. We inquired in our locality and found out that every Tata Sky Dish TV owner faced this problem.

Upon complaining on your call centre they said they do have a technical problem in our Four Bungalow area which will be resolved soon During this period many mails were sent to Tata Sky Dish TV Bangalore office, but no one responded. . It took almost 60 days for the problems to resolve. Things were OK for about 15 days and the problem started again.

Again the same exercise was repeated and again no response was received. Every time we made a call to your call center a very polite assurance came that the service engineer is on his way. But nobody came and resolved the problem. Finally after many calls the service engineer came and detected some problem and promised to set it right within 2 days which never happened. He fixed the Digicomp adopter in such a way that our TV was damaged and we got our TV repaired by spending Rs 4,800/-.

Even as on today, our Dish TV system does not work and our torture is on. Nobody responds to our complaints. Since the day of purchase our system did not function regularly even for a period of 15 days. It is a torture and not an entertainment.

I am putting this note for general viewer so that they are saved of the torture of facing non existent Tata Sky Dish TV service.


Krishan Dev Sharma
4B-2/14, Varsova View CHS, Four Bungalows, Andheri (W), Mimbai – 400 053
Phone 022 – 2637 3604 mobile - [protected]

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  • Sp
      6th of May, 2008
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    Sub: Very bad experiences with TATA SKY services – Subscriber no. 1014847808.

    I received a mail on 1st week of April, 2008 – an offer directly from TATA SKY which says: “Now at an amazing price of exclusively for ICICI Bank credit card holder.”
    I was happy with my existing cable operator with the TV prog, However, as the product is from TATA SKY – a brand name, I could not resist myself from having this offer. So, on receipt of this letter on 7th April I called up TATA SKY representative over help line – it was COMBO package with ICICI credit card for which a total amount of Rs 2199 payable in 3 interest free EMI of Rs. 733 each and no processing fees involved. As because is a product of TATA, I accepted the offer and the Transaction ID was given 1-1360468775. Received the goods ( ie, Digicomp & recharge coupon of Rs. 700 for installation) on 09/04/2008. TATA SKY has been installed on 10th April by Mr. Sontosh. But I am unable to recharge further for annual super saver package as account shows installation fees of Rs 300 is still due. After a number of communication with TATA SKY help line, this amount was adjusted and credited to my account. Again, after the adjustment of installation charge, I was denied to pay for the annual super saver package, as there was outstanding amount on account of daily rental charges and as per the rules this cannot be adjusted with annual package as confirmed by the representative. So, I had to recharge Rs. 200 against my outstanding amount of Rs 51 only, as the minimum available recharge is Rs 200. At this time my account balance was Rs 150.70. Thereafter, I could finally able to recharged of Rs 3000 towards annual super saver package ( dated 15/04/2008).
    Again, I got alarm that my account will be deactivated(18/04/2008). On enquiry, I came to know that Rs 200 has been debited, as cable length for the disc was used more than 20 meter. In this regard it may be mentioned that my flat is on 2nd floor and the roof terrace is on 6th floor and the height is obviously less than 20 meter, the installation man has taken long turn on the other side of the terrace so as to adjust the length as per his will( to make more than 20 meter). On my request, Service Engineer Mr John visited my flat on 20/04/2008 and acknowledge the mistake of installation man. Mr John after speaking to help line also confirmed that the account will not be deactivated, and if required it will be adjusted with Rs 3000 against annual super saver package. But, after so much of assurances, my TATA SKY cable line was disconnected on 21/04/2008. I, lodge a complain to Mr Rishikesh over help line but to no avail. To make the cable active, on the same day. I had to recharge Rs 200, with no fault of mine.
    And still on my TV screen comes with the alarm message:
    A/C balance on 21/04/08 Rs 150.70
    Due Date: 21/04/08.
    S P RAY

  • Vi
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    We have 2 nos. of Tata Sky Connections at our home. But unfortunately since 01.06.08 both of connections are not showing any display on TV's rather there are totally blank. I have tried desperately to contact you since 01.06.08 on your telephones and helpline, which never helped me.

    Please show some curtsy and attend this complaint if my complaint are not attended I have no other choice then to approach CONSUMER COURT.

    My I.D. No. 1010618443
    My Contact No.’s 011-65925107, 98101 74119, 92139 78619

  • Kr
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    I am a New Subscriber (ID NO. 1016783902). I had no idea that I am calling a Devil to my house. The TATA SKY Customer Service call center is one of the Worst examples of Customer Service. It has been 5 days since my Equipment was delivered, and there is no sign of Installation despite repeated calls, promises, and so much back and forth. Not only does their Customer service, not understand English, or Hindi (IVR Prompt), their people are passing on blame to each other, and trying to find excuses not to Install.
    It is so shameful that the TATA Group which is now synonymous with brands like Jaguar, and have shook the World with the NANO anncouncement, suffers so badly on Customer services. I have called the DEVIL to my House. Recommed NEVER in your Life go for TATA SKY, unles you want your life to become miserable.

  • Bh
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    Bharat G Parekh
    .905 Kaveri, Neelkanth Valley, Vidyavihar Station Road, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai-400077
    Tel : 23453838 M : 9820034262

    Ref : 012 Date : 17/06/2008

    Tata Sky Ltd
    P O Box No 2424
    Bangalore 560 024
    Tel : 1 801 425 66 33
    Western :020 66006633
    Subject- Technical problems- all channels have disappeared from their network
    Dear Sirs,
    We are the unfortunate purchaser of Tata Sky Dish TV connection from the month of 10 th January 2007. Our customer details are given below.

    1 DIDGICOMP NO……………….-726 339 124 179

    1. DG CARD……………………… …000 014 790 117

    2. MODEL NO-…………………….. DS 132070

    3. NDS NO-*………………………….CEA 7E5 010 54A 000 06B

    4. Subscriber id no…………………-1001382892

    5. Subscriber Name …………… … Bharat G Parekh

    6. Installed at : …………………… ..905 Kaveri, Neelkanth Valley, Vidyavihar Station
    Road, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai-400077

    7 Nature of problem …………….. All of a sudden the programs will disappear with a
    torturing sound.. We inquired in our locality and
    found out that every Tata Sky Dish TV owner faced
    this problem.

    And after it all, I found that I am not able to watch Euro Footballt matches- just because all on a sudden all channels have disappeared from their network. we tried contacting the helpline at least 20 times, but nobody responded.
    We request Tata Sky Engineers, to solve our problems.
    With best Regards

    Bharat Parekh

  • Su
      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    I fully agree with your viwes about so called tata customer id 1006807117 last 5 days NO RECEPTION AND NO ONE TO ANWER

  • Nr
      11th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    i have been waiting very very patiently for your guys to come and do the installation for the box i bought, was told they would come on monday, calling your toll free no is no good we are wasting our time on it no results kindly lets know when they will come failing which will have to return the same and go for DISH TV my id is DIGICOMP 368072118590 and the digicard is 000035539451 had made the booking on saturday evening till date no response or cal

  • Fd
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    I want to disconnect tatasky and want my cabble back.
    i alredy had a talk to somr man of yours!
    i want the work to be done within 24 hours.
    it's a humbble request!
    my contact number is 2-4710916.
    and my registrigenation number is 1004730451.

  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I purchases a tata sky digicomp by local dealer and register a complaints 13th may 2008 but tata sky not remove this last four monthabout active services of doordarshan but company not providing proper service of all dd's channels it is a illegal activites that operate by tata sky and this company's digi comp is fully illegal and violate to indian law so all customer tak e a hard legal action against to this company

  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    tata sky's channels services are that providing to customer are fully illegaly acccording to cable regulations act because no any dth service change or replace format of channels but tata sky doing this ...

  • Ro
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    Tata sky is like that big name but bad service. They have bunch of stupid dealers and the technitions and they have big dreams of capturing a big market like India. First they have to improve their dealers, staff, technitions basically everything which they can change to be in the market. According to the customers they cant be in the bussiness for a long time they will shut shop soon if they continue to give such pathetic service. I pray to God that they should take action immediately otherwise it would be very late. I request people to wait untill Tata Sky improves their service than only they should go ahead and buy Tata otherwise stick with the cable vendor who is giving service better than big name like Tata Sky. They have beautiful Advt department but very bad service.

  • Mo
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes
    Tata Sky - No complaint service for the last 60 hours !


    This was to bring to your kind notice that my complaints to Tata Sky Helpline have not been attended for the last THREE DAYS !

    Since 12th Aug evening, I have been facing problems with my Tata sky set-top box and am constantly following up with your helpline, which just comes up with innovative ideas of how, NOT TO HELP,

    Even after registering same complaint almost 25 times (Not Joking, !), the only response me and my wife keep getting is one service request number and a vague promise of the “engineer” visiting in immediately-next 1 hr-or 2 hrs or definitely-worse 3 hrs ! (How I wish, I could attach all those lovely sms-es, from Tata sky in this mail !)

    It has been over 60 hours and at least 150 min of sweet talks, with several highly qualified persons, but of no avail! We have also had the fortune to talk to the so called “seniors” on helpline numbers, one Mr. Setu Desai and one Mr. Vishal with even better promises, which they also know will not be met!

    I am sure tomorrow being Sunday, I must not expect any services and that would mean 5 DAYS OF MERE PROMISES AND ASSURANCES! So much so for a 24*7 helpline!

    I can bet I am not the first one, nor am in going to be the last one!

    Complaint Numbers: 1-4708682792; 1-470326064
    Managers we spoke to: Mr. Sethu Desai and Mr. Vishal (9225512728)
    Numbers of Mysterious Engineers, who never came: 9930165343 & 9702170003

    May God save those who have or would have Tata Sky. Amen


  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I too am using tata sky for the past 1 year. I had my concern first repoted to the customer care. They seem to be very co-operative and helpful, there was once an instance wherein the engineer arrived late but that was due to traffic. I don't think there were unnecessariy delays, in fact customer service is what tata sky caters to. I have co-operated with the personnel and have recived good feedback.

  • Ss
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have had ### service from Tata Sky people... very very dissappointing...

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