Tarteworst customer service ever

I am beyond dissapointed with the service received by Tarte.
When I placed my order my phone had autofilled the system and typed in my shipping address as my previous one.
I didn't realise until I'd placed the order, and attempted to start getting in touch with them the day after.

First contact, Live Chat:
I was initially told there was nothing they could do- but to reach out to DHL. DHL told me they hadn't received the order yet and could not help.

Second contact, Live Chat:
Reached back out to Tarte, was told it could be updated and that they had done it. Asked for a confirmation email of the change, they said sure.
Confirmation never arrived.

Third contact, Calling (UK to US phonenumber):
Contacted again to ask for confirmation of change. Turns out it had not been done. Agent made change for me and sent confirmation email.

A week goes by, I'm happy just waiting for my order.
Get a email confirming it's been shipped- check the email, wrong address still listed.

Fourth contact, Calling (still international):
Called in slightly annoyed. They re-assured me it had been changed, but as it's an internal system it just doesn't always update the email. I say ok cool and asked for my shipping info.
Was provided this and felt ok.

TEXT MESSAGE ARRIVES: Your order has been delivered.
No order. Nothing at my house or my neighbour or a note.
Check my tracking info: DELIVERED TO MY OLD ADDRESS.

Fifth contact, Call:
Explain the issue. That I'm annoyed and need to speak to someone who is able to help. Ideally a supervisor of some kind.
Agent did apologise and re-assured me she'd get someone.

Spoke to Supervisor who did not once offer an apology or even any smallest gesture of empathy. Basically told me, it has been updated in their internal system so must have been a mixup in the warehouse.

Explained to me that I really don't need to know what happens internally for them, what I want to know is what happens now. I've spent money and have nothing.

Eventually was offered a refund. Still no apology or ownership of any kind. Had to ask for a confirmation email, which arrivied with one sentance, a gramatical error, and overall no professional look (also of course no apology).

I love Tarte's products and will happily purchase them in store, but will never ever order from them online again and strongly encourage you to stay away from the website.

Nov 26, 2018

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