Tanzanite internationala trident "tanzanite" pendant

In February 2014, while on vacation on Independence of the Seas, my husband, son and I went into the Tanzanite International located in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, where I purchased a set of "tanzanite" earrings and pendant, set in "silver" for $250, which was a "cruise special". Since that time, while I have lost one of the earrings, the pendant has been sitting in my safe at home. In April 2017, I brought the pendant, along with other pieces I have collected, to my local jeweler for an appraisal. I told her that it was tanzanite set in silver, and asked for an appraisal of the piece. I stopped by to see her yesterday, and she informed me that when she attempted to polish the silver, it rubbed off - it was actually silver plating. She went on to inform me that further investigation revealed the stone was not tanzanite, but due to the number of bubbles in the stone, appeared to be colored glass.

May 12, 2017

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