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Tan Your Hide / Poorly trained staff, inability to keep paperwork organized

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Tan your hide does not, under any circumstances, allow you to cancel your membership. Whether it be pregnancy or relocation to an area where there aren't tan your hide salons available. Don't get yourself stuck in a contract like i am. I moved states and am still paying for a membership that i can not use.

My experience with the staff at multiple colorado springs locations has not been much better. Often, the woman sitting at the front desk is either snobbish or acts as if i am bothering her by coming in to tan. Terrible customer service.

As far as the cleanliness, it is decent. There have been several occurrences where i've had to go back to the front desk and ask the employee to clean the bed as she sent me to a room that was never cleaned.

Furthermore, the salons tend to be dark, so it is difficult to see how dirty it actually is. Protip: the dark lighting throughout (Yes, even dark in the bathroom!) and lack of mirrors in the tanning rooms trick you into thinking you're getting more tan than you actually are.

Just when i thought i was done with this place (Not actually done because my membership isn't up for five more months, but done with the rude, poorly trained staff), i received a phone call. About three months ago, i traveled back to colorado springs and changed the bank account that tyh withdraws my membership fee from. I had moved, so i switched banks and cancelled my old account. I filled out the paperwork with the information from my new account. Today, two months later, i received a phone call that i was being sent to collections if they don't receive my payment. I called back immediately to report that i had provided my new bank account number months ago. She said the company was switching over computer systems and there had been "glitches" occurring ever since. **don't threaten to send customers to collections when you can't get your computer system figured out. Why don't you get that straight and then start the phone calls?** anyway, she asked me for my new card number and information, which i was previously told i could not provide over the phone to change my account number. Good, she has the info. Done with this place. Five minutes later, i receive a voicemail. She deleted all my information by accident and needs me to call back and provide her with the card number again. This brand is a joke.

Please, do yourself a favor and search for a salon with knowledgeable staff, clean facilities, new bulbs, good ownership, and reasonable cancellation policies. I would recommend sassy suntan in colorado springs.

Nov 7, 2016
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      15th of Nov, 2016
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    Tan Your Hide offers many packages and memberships. We have options ranging from 1 session up to 10 months. We try to help each client find the right package or membership that will fit their needs. Typically, as with anything, the longer term you sign up for, the more affordable the payment get. This client chose our 10 month membership, which breaks the payments up into 10 affordable monthly payments.

    In response to “Tan Your Hide DOES NOT, under any circumstances, allow you to cancel your membership. Whether it be pregnancy or relocation to an area where there aren’t Tan Your Hide salons available.” We have 8 employees that this client had interacted with while using our facilities, and this client had not once mentioned moving, pregnancy, or cancelling. We asked them all, and had there been any such interaction, notes would have been put into this clients tanning screen and they would have been advised to email our corporate office at [protected] We have also gone through all our corporate emails as well, to check to see if any request had come in, to cancel due to a move or pregnancy, there have been none from this client. If a client moves out of the area, we give them the option to transfer the remaining time to someone else. We really do try to work with all of our clients, as we know that times can be tough, and not all moves are voluntary. We also take each and every request on a case by case basis, as we are compassionate, and have cancelled some memberships, depending on the reason and necessity and timeliness of the matter at hand. Tan Your Hide also offers pregnancy freeze. We freeze the membership for the duration of the client’s pregnancy, with a Dr’s note, payments do continue though. Once the client is ready is ready to utilize their time, (there is no mandated time they have to use it in, could be within a month of their due date or a year, it is truly up to the client) they just notify us, and we just add all their frozen time back. Being a company of mostly women, most of us mothers, we are very empathetic to pregnancy and all that it and motherhood entails!

    ****We have 11 salons, throughout the Colorado Springs and Denver area. We have 2 salons with “Dark” décor. It is not to trick anyone into thinking they are getting more color than they actually are. It is just a modern color scheme, to create ambiance, or mood as a whole. The rest of our salons have a “bright white” décor. We actually pulled mirrors out of the tanning rooms several years ago for one reason, less wait times for our clients as a whole. It keeps “Suzie Q.” from getting ready for her lunch date with her flat-iron and make-up(yes, this happened, ALOT), 25 minutes after her tanning session is done, and 5 other clients are waiting for her to come out of the room so they can utilize the equipment on their lunch hour. *****

    We do have record of the client coming into one of our locations on September 9th to change her account information for billing. The employee that helped the client and took the change of account, remembers clearly, the client just wanted to change the account information and tan, the client made no mention of moving out of state, did not ask about pregnancy policies, and did not ask to cancel her membership. The client also tanned September 10th, 11th, and 12th. All with different employees, at 3 different stores, all remember the client just wanted to tan, and there was no mention of cancelling, no questions about pregnancy policies, no questions about moving policies, the client just wanted to tan.

    As far as threatening, the phone call that was placed, October 7th, was just a courtesy call. Just to let the client know that if no payment was made, there COULD be a possibility of the client going to an outside collection agency. What was left out, was that 2 other calls had been place to the client in October. On October 7th and October 14th, one of our employees called the client in attempt to let the client know that October’s payment had not gone through the account we had on file. The phone just continued to ring, no one answered, and there was no voicemail to leave a message on at the time, but our employee noted it in the clients screen that the calls were attempted.

    When the client called back with her card information, our employee waived all the late fees, for the inconvenience. All that was paid over the phone was the monthly payment fees for October and November. While attempting to update the clients card info into our POS software, our employee hit save, which in fact saves the info and blacks out all information except for the last 4 digits of the card and the expiration date, which is wonderful for credit card security, but if we are updating the information AND doing a payment, we need the full card number. So our employee called the client back, apologized profusely for having to bother the client again, and explained the reason for the call back, that the card number was now blacked out and the employee needed it again to in fact run the card. The client gave the employee the card number, and during this whole interaction, did not seem upset or angry. The client did not ask about moving, pregnancy, or cancellation policies.

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