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Planet Beach Complaints & Reviews

Planet Beach / membership cancellation-still charged

MHHayes on May 17, 2017
I am still being tortured by planet beach, north hills raleigh, nc. I made the mistake of using their services and after telling them numerous times, and writing to them that I moved and would not be using their services and to cancel my membership, I am still having issues on my credit...

Planet Beach / Membership

TexasGal79 on Jan 2, 2017
Read all the complaints online about how Planet Beach scams everyone on memberships, withdraws money from their bank accounts after cancelling service, and calling with threats how they will ruin your credit. I'm now fighting an $1888.00 collection on my credit (5 years later) with Planet...

Planet Beach / Charge to my card without asking

Sonja rehburg on Jan 21, 2014
They charged my credit card for a $100 double the monthly cost 2 weeks after the payments are due, they did not freeze my membership in nov 2013 like I ask them they have new girls like 5 in one month the girl didn't do her job right all I new Is I thought it was frozen now they just...

Planet Beach / Business closed

Planet Beach Chalmette on Sep 12, 2013
The Chalmette location has obviously closed, but all we get from the New Orleans headquaters is what is being told to them.. It is being stated that it is closed temporarily due to electrical reasons. Well, I past there the other day and the lights were on, but doors are still locked and...

Planet Beach / False advertising and poor customer service

Keisha2013 on Mar 13, 2013
Planet beach contempo spa on 8366 westheimer in houston tx doesn't tell you in the groupon deal that you will be required to purchase facial product (That is truly only trial size) for $25 in order to have the facial that was already paid for. That facial product also caused a bad...

Planet Beach / bulbs not working, computers down. i travel half hour to and from. very unhappy. poor service

lisa pepper on Jun 10, 2012
On Friday 6/8 I entered planet beach to tan. I was put In a bed with more than 3 bulbs out. I told the women. She said sorry, but did not offer compensation. On Sunday I entered the spa and was told sorry my computers are down. I then told the women what had happened on Friday and that I...

Planet Beach / Planet beach candle

Terryz22 on Apr 10, 2012
I have been a long time member of planet beach and recently purchased several of their candles. I had one lit in my bedroom and went thru and saw it was out I assumed it had gotten blown out. When I got to the candle it was empty and the jar was charred black. I went to pick it up and it...

Planet Beach / Dishonest practice

Mariacnauman on Feb 15, 2012
Being 22 wks pregnant I decided to try Mystic Tan. I joined 4 wks ago. Two weeks after I joined, paying a deposit and a months charge I received a letter that the location was closing. I literally tanned twice. So I decide to go in for my 3rd session and guess what? They don't even...

Planet Beach / Cancel refusing

Cherov on Nov 17, 2011
Am 8 mths pregnant, tanning salon charged me $89 to cancel refusing my doctor's note. Say it's not a medical condition and I can still tan!

Planet Beach / Scam unauthorized charges

planetbeachisascam on Jul 26, 2011
I was talked into a "planet beach" membership. At first the electronic spa concept sounded like a great deal and good idea. Every time I would go to the spa to use my services, I would be approached very persistently to buy products, sometimes I would try something (Which never worked) and...

Planet Beach / membership cancelation

tllll on Mar 31, 2011
Don't trust ANY Planet Beach. Once you sign up there is a THREE MONTH wiaiting period to cancel even with written notice. My Mom had a membership, developed cancer, was unable to use the Spa... little help from Planet Beach - they "graciously" waived TWO MONTHS of the penalty. Give me...

Planet Beach / Extremely rude front desk clerk, broken equipment

I have been a member since 2009. I joined because of the Infrared therapy offered in the Contempo Spa package. It was sold in 2010 and the new owners do not maintain the business very well. They had towels with holes in them, they were so old and over-washed. The equipment breaks down and...

Planet Beach / Overcharges/ no service

I completed my 2 year contract and since I wasnt using the service enough to justify the $99 monthly charges I asked to cancel it. The girl at the desk said the owner, Luis, was out of the country with his wife Jody. I was given a phone number ... didnt work...was given an email...still...

Planet Beach / Scam membership

Do not sign a membership with this company they will tell you everything you want to hear in order to get your signature on their membership. They will lie to you and tell you that you can cancel your membership at any time, however this is not true. I've tried to cancel my membership 3...

Planet Beach / No support/mis-representation

I want to share my experience as a planet beach franchisee so anyone out there considering planet beach as an investment can make an informed decision. The entire experience was very costly and draining and all the promised support consisted of a few phone calls where franchisees we subjected...

Planet Beach / Unauthorized charges

Late February my friends and I went to Planet Beach in Roseville with a 'free day pass' to try out the spa. We all liked the products and were ready to sign up for the membership by the end of the day. We signed a contract stating that there would be an automatic charge on our...

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