Tan Chong Motorsa brand new nissan almera manual year 2015 - very unsatisfying repair and upsetting with the same issues

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I bought a brand new Manual Nissan Almera on the 26/01/2015 from Tan Chong Motors Kepong Branch Kuala Lumpur Malaysia a silver color No WB 3583B only a few months we were very happy after a while we had a funny noisee in the car probably the engine and later its was the GEAR BOX which had this noise, we drove on the car a few months and later we sent the car to the service centre in Section 13 Petaling Jaya, they my car for two weeks and repaired it and then it was fine for a few more months and later after a year we had the same sound but we had our service regualarly and promptly despite this we had the same noise again so we send the car again and it was repaired and this year 2017 the car has new problem, whenever it rains the roof leaks water at the side and water seaps inside until one area is all the time wet, the spongy roof carpet is wet and the furs are like damned wet and the a worning out, Conclusion a new car with endless problems is this why i paid so much for the brand new car - This is clearly MANUFACTURES DEFAULT - MANUFACTURERS PROBLEM - A FAULTY UNIT - GEAR BOX NOISE ROOF SIPS IN WATER, ONE THE RADIO AND ONLY THE AIR COND BUTTON SHAKY AND THAT WAS REPAIRED BUT THE OTHER PROBLEMS STILL NOT RECTIFIED, every time we take service its being repaired and later part the noise happens, as for the roof carpet inside Need your good advice is it ok to change the whole roof carpet, change the whole gear box???????? If you are the owner will you be happy to use a car with this problems... I am very very unhappy its Manufacturing probem. TRUSTING NISSAN FOR ITS QUALITY i bought this car but with so many issues and problems iam really really very unhappy - I need a fair solutions Do reply me thru my email
Thank you

  • Selvamany's Response · Jan 08, 2018

    Please advive

May 24, 2017
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  • Bf
      May 25, 2017

    No one from Tan Chong Malaysia would reply you. That's for sure. What you can do now is to send them a Letter of Demand from your lawyer. Other options would be to file a claim at the Tribunal Pengguna.

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  • Da
      Jul 07, 2017

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  • Sh
      Aug 20, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - My rear vision camera
    Jalan tun perak, melaka

    I sent to nissan( tun perak, melaka, malaysia) and told them about my blurry rear vision camera. After the repair, it happened again. I sent to nissan(tun perak) again and after the repair, the problem persists. Why cant they change to a new rear vision camera then?

    My plate no: JRM 7183
    My mobile: [protected]
    Email: [protected]

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  • St
      Aug 20, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - Nissan Almera Car Service
    Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

    My car mileage before service is 20, 112 or 20, 113. After sending for routine service, it became 20, 229. At the invoice document, it had stated 20, 115. How could the service use so much of mileage during service in several hours? Besides, my petrol had dropped 1/4.
    Please clarify immediately.

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  • Se
      Sep 01, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - car no : rs2207 selvamany a/l rajoo

    Please advice why Nissan recommended to cut and join after my car met in accident.

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  • Ra
      Sep 10, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - Complaint: prolong issues on spare parts & services at nissan service glenmarie centre
    Glenmarie, Shah Alam

    My name is Ravindran Palpanathan, Nissan X-Trail 2.0 JKB 5657.

    a) I have replaced 4 absorbers in September 2017 and there was a clinching sound on the absorber.
    b) In February 2018, I have replaced a crankshaft (sensor) and issue started with disturbing sound during ignition.

    Both issues has been complaint many time but cant resolved. .

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  • Oo
      Sep 19, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - Leather seat cover

    I hv submit my leather seat cover claim on 22/6/17, untill today...nv reveived anything & service center no responsibility. Suck tan chong motor n suck service!

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  • Re
      Oct 02, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - nissan almera 1.5

    [censored]ed up service centre having stupid & mentally ill foreman and service man in the service centre at Section 13 Petaling Jaya

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  • Am
      Oct 03, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - Slow service and worst in planning

    I want to express my dissatisfaction about the service and worst planned happened in tan chong service center in johor Jaya (neerby giant plentong). This is 4th time I came for servicing. Been lost for close to 1day in here. The reason is not acceptable. Its not fair to netizen who are booking the time and got other planning to do.

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  • Ka
      Oct 15, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - Wayering

    Your salesman last year say service center there will call me to check a wayering but until now my car what also no do... And your product also no save fuel...

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  • Tu
      Nov 01, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - Booked Nissan Serena S Hybrid since last Aug.'18 but until now still no news.
    Shah Alam

    I am Norulhuda Tusinoo - Contact No. [protected] - I/C NO [protected]. I booked Nissan Serena S Hybrid since last Aug.'18 and I did call to make complaint last month but until today still no news on the car. I already paid 10% down payment as well. I will proceed with cancellation if delivery cannot be done before 31 October '18.

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  • Mu
      Nov 11, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - claim insurance

    semasa mgambil kndraan didapti chrome lampu kereta sy telah cair.tlah mklum pd seller.mreka hnya mnukar yg terpkai yg juga ada ksan retak.sdangkn yg asl kreta sy msih elok & tiada kesan retak.ckup kcewa sdgkn psat srvis tan chong bkn srvis luar.hrap ada tndakn

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  • An
      Nov 19, 2018
    Tan Chong Motor Holdings - Steering Jammed X trail
    Kuala selangor

    Steering Jammed or hard while driving ..happened while driving on the road and car can't move. So worried coz happened suddenly and no indicator or warning shown before the incident.
    What is your responsibility on safety of drivers in future ?
    So dissapointed with quality.
    PLS reply [protected]
    Car still at Bentong service centre.

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  • Fa
      Jul 01, 2019

    kereta elok 2016 ade bunyi sikit kire ok la selalu servis on time @glenmerie service centre ... elok thn ke 3 milleage 33k lepas servis aircond panas n sejuk ikut suka, selang sebulan terus panas, minta waranti katenye dah waranti tamat masa servis latest tu, wah senang betul jual kereta, after servis gagal, tahu ke 3 aircond kereta jahanam... please this is not rm 1 or rm2 you buy a car at market. like produce try an error model car. suck product from nissan.

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