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H Nov 20, 2017

Dear Sir,

Good day.

My name is Hugo Ho, I'm currently drive Nissan NP300 VL, first I can tell you that I'm very disappointed about this car, more mad about your service centre sales advisor which is always give me stupid answer regarding my complaint!

1. Aircond compressor got noise sound when engage, your sales advisor and engineer told me that is normal, every car got this noise sound, I complaint about this issue in Puchong, Butterworth, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, all give me same answer, thumb up for Nissan Tan Ching Malaysia!

2. When RPM2, 000/ speed 100-120km/hr, the cabin feel got wind sound also feel like vibration, after complaint, another stupid answer from your service advisor, they said no problem. Another thumb up for Nissan Malaysia.

3. Gear box when shifting gear/downshift gear very roughly sound. Now I need to use +/- to drive the car to avoid the rough sound to cause more problem, after complaint, another thumb up for your service advisor, they said normal!

4. Cabin water leakage from top to back windscreen, will try to send to your Servicecentre, hopefully won't said normal again.

5. Driver side, my leg sometimes will feel some water drop from somewhere!

6. Aircond air vane passenger side compare with driver side the temperature is different which is I set dual zone with same temperature. Butterworth Service advisor told me because passenger side and driver side the air vane ducting distance is different, so that the temperature is different, another [censor]ing answer they give to me, thumb up forNissan Malaysia again!

7. My 3rd Service 10, 000km HRC Puchong SC service advisor advice me to flush my engine! What the [censor]ing things want me to flush my engine which is just 10, 000? Beside that, they ask me to apply engine oil treatment (liquid moly) to my engine, what the hell they doing? This treatment proved that will cause engine more problems, Nissan SC really give me a shocked! Another funny things, they said my engine need to tuning! [censor] man, when Nissan Service centre become racing factory? Finally i do hope you answer me all my complaint and questions! I don't mine to post on media which is only few step for me!

Please hire more quality and qualified sales advisor to assist clients, don't always treat client like stupid duck!

Please revert to me in 2 days between my passion.


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