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I bought a Tag Formula 1 watch from Macey's 34th street NY back in Sept 2016 whilst on honeymoon. I travelled back to the UK with the watch and the receipt of purchase. Yesterday I noticed that the small dial on the side of the watch which controls the hour setting was missing. There was no reason for it to have gone as nothing unusual had happened that could effect the watch. The watch other than this defect is in perfect condition. Now the watch does not work at all. I called Macey's and they told me that without a filled out warranty doc they are unable to take any responsibility despite the fact that I have a damaged watch and a valid receipt of purchase. it is a treasured possession as it is a honeymoon present. I did not think about paperwork and warranty's whilst on honeymoon and traveling internationally and to be honest you would not expect such a quality brand to malfunction in this way after just 4 months. I am so disapointed with the situation I find myself in. Please can you advise on how this can be rectified?

Thank you Mark Phelps [protected] [protected]

TAG Heuer

Jan 16, 2017

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