TAG Heuer / sunglasses

Hi there is bought a pair of tag sunglasses in aberdeen scotland from vision express in the bone accord shopping centre. The product them self's is fantastic but I got a cracker on one of my lens and went back to vision express to organise a replacement lens and told me that tag was having problems with a manufacturer and can't have them fixed so I have been left not being able to use my glasses for two years now so really disappointed by a big brand like tag which I love just to be told that basically you have a tag product it's needing a repair and you can't get it repaired. May I add that I wasn't just once I went back it was two or three times and at least 12 months inbetween when I went back. So just to let you know I still have my tag sunglasses sitting in its case not able to use and just thought I would share this complaint as really disappointed by this. Many thanks raymond

Jun 02, 2018

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