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Swiss Colony / Bad service

1 United States

I've ordered from Swiss Colony for about 20 years using the "no finance charge" version of their choose and charge plan.

In Sept. 2008, I called their finance dept. to make sure my account was still "no finance charge" before I placed my holidays orders. Swiss Colony confirmed my account was "no finance charge" (a "M" suffix after my account #)so I placed my order (on that basis).

I received my first monthly bill in Jan.2009 - no problem - there was no finance charge added. My Feb. bill just came and it had a finance charge. When I called to get it corrected the finance dept. supervisor refused. Her reason was that Swiss Colony was no longer offering that plan (according to her that occurred in Nov. 2008 - AFTER my order was placed/accepted by them under the no finance charge plan.

I tried repeatedly to explain to her that a company can't just change the terms of a contract after the fact. If they were going to change it, they should have notified me and given me the option to cancel the order. They did not do so.

She insisted that I had to either pay off the account immediately or pay the finance charge. That to me is a breach of contract. The contract agreement I ordered under said clearly - monthly payments and no finance charge. That is what I accepted and what I budgeted for. If I wanted to pay the whole amount at once I would have done that when I ordered. I ordered from Swiss Colony, in good faith, and they (their finance dept.) is dealing with me dishonestly by changing the terms on the order 4 months after the order was accepted and shipped by them.

I'm very annoyed at the "take it or leave it" attitude of this company. Seems to me they ought to be more concerned with keeping long term good customers, but they aren't. She didn't care at all that they were losing a customer, simply saying "I'll take you off the mailing list".


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