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Surplus Frieght Inc. / Terrible experience!

1 910 Providence HighwayDedham, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 781-407-0606

On 9/14/07 I walked into Surplus freight furniture looking to purchase several items due to an advertisement which I saw on a flyer. I was greeted by Phyllis Smolar. She asked if she could be of assistance and I stated 'yes'. She asked what I was interested in purchasing. My reply was a living room set. Two bedroom sets and 3 sets of mattresses. I purchased the two sets of mattresses and two bedroom sets which consisted of a dresser, mirror and headboard. Manny (the supervisor) promised to deliver in two weeks from the date above. The estimated date of delivery was 10/11/07. All the above mentioned items totaled to $1, 346.10 which was paid in full with CASH.

During that same visit, I then placed one set of mattresses on layaway with a down payment of $300.00 and a balance of $117.00 remaining. The remaining balance was paid off soon thereafter (before the two week delivery date) so that all items would be delivered together.

I left the store expecting my delivery within two weeks as promised. Unfortunately, the furniture did not arrive as promised and I called the store. I explained the arrangements that I made with Manny for delivery and Phyllis stated that Manny was no longer working for the company. She then stated the new manager was Justin and that Manny made a false promise. The normal time for delivery is three weeks instead of two weeks. Phyllis also stated the mattresses were currently not in stock and they were waiting for a delivery truck to return because they may be on that truck. The only item in stock (in the warehouse) was my daughter's bedroom set (which was not delivered). Phyllis Smolar told me they would hold the bedroom set until all the furniture to be delivered was in stock. She guaranteed that two truck loads of mattresses were arriving soon and they would deliver everything all at once. She then informed me that my son's bedroom set was not in stock.

Two more weeks passed and I never received the promised deliver. I called the store and spoke with Justin, so that would I not jeopardize my daughter's bedroom set being sold while still in stock, he suggested I come to pick it up. So I did.

As time passed I was continuously calling and communicating with the store regarding the delivery of the other furniture. Every time I inquired about my son's bedroom set they always stated 'it is not in stock'. On 10/21/07, I received a delivery of one mattress set. Then a week later, the other two sets of mattresses were delivered along with the second mirror and a damaged headboard. The dresser was not delivered. I immediately called the store and spoke with Justin. I informed him of the damaged headboard and that the dresser was not included ion the delivery, which he noted on my account. He informed me that he would call the warehouse to find out what happened to the dresser. I told him that I would return the damaged headboard to switch it for a new one. He said 'no, just keep it and he would have the delivery company deliver a new one when they delivered the dresser and they would take the damaged headboard back to the warehouse. He also stated they had a dresser and headboard in stock at the Worcester store. He was going to have it shipped to their Dedham warehouse and then deliver it to me.

Unfortunately, this promise never happened either. When I called again and spoke with Justin He offered me a different dresser that he had available in the Dedham store. I said 'ok, I will accept it'. I was to call him back with date for pickup. Two days later I called him to confirm my pickup date. I was then informed that Justin no longer worked there and they had no documentation of this arrangement. I spoke with Phyllis and she informed that she would include two free lamps along with my dresser which was to be delivered soon. The lamps were restitution for the past mishaps and misunderstandings on their part.

As it stands I made several attempts from October 2007 to Present to have the headboard replaced, and the dresser and lamps delivered. The most recent promise of delivery date was April 3 and 4th of 2008 which Phyllis stated I could not return the damaged headboard and mirror for refund because 5 months has passed but the bedroom set was still a hot item in their store. I have no recollection of this policy especially since I have been trying to return the furniture since October 2007.

I think I have gone above and beyond the call of patience with the company and its bait and switch tactics. I have been verbally and mentally abused and push to the degree of exhaustion. I asked the company for upper management names and numbers to resolve this on a higher level but no cooperation was given by the Dedham store. As I researched the store on the web, I found this site and realized that I was not the only one privy to their scandals and lies. Thank you for creating this site!!!


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