Surburban Propane / Worst customer service

ZERO STARS to the worst customer service ( DEBRA, KENNY and AMANDA) money stealing company!!!just had this company for 2 months and their service fee is ridiculous!!! The pilot went out I couldn't turn it on they had someone come to my house a week later to look at our fireplace. We had no heat for a week!!When the service guy came he told me nothing is wrong just the pilot went out. He's name was George he was super nice and showed me how to turn it on. The whole process took 20 min because he was teaching me few things I should know about. but unfortunately he said the company will be charging service fee. I was okay with the fee since he had to come all the way to my house but when the bill was 135.00!!! This was absolutely crazy fee!!! Plus I found out there is 10.00 charge to fill your tank, I spoke to Amanda and see if there is any other hidden fee I should know about of course she was rude and didn't know what she was talking about. She said the charge per gallon always change for example it can be 1.59 per gallon or 1.89 per gallon or MORE?!!! Why do we have a contract if the charge always change??!!! I asked her couple of more questions and all I got from her was i don't know..??? Ridiculous!!! It took them almost a week to come to my house but still they didn't give me a break and when I called for someone to come all they said was if it's ASAP it will be 175.00 charge!!!I told them no just have someone come and they never mention about a fee for 125.00 for someone to come look at our fireplace. I found out Everytime they come it's 125.00 plus tax it will be 135.00 even if nothing was broken and if they didn't show up for over a week it's ok with them??!!! They don't care about customers that been waiting with NO HEAT!!! plus whatever they do it's Extra MORE MONEY. I asked Amanda to have someone else call me I talked to Debra very rude!!! didn't want to listen just kept saying this is the price, she said Its only 125.00 nothing is free giving me attitude..when I said what about the time I waited for someone to come without heat is that ok??!!!And no one mentioned about a fee for someone to come how is that my fault?? She didn't want to listen and when she gave the phone to Kenny the branch manager **which I don't believe he is a branch manager**very rude, cold hearted, unprofessional and bad attitude. What's going on with that company why is everyone so rude, unprofessional and bad to customers ???How can you tell the new customer to call sears and find out if they have service fee??!!! He kept over talking to me very bad attitude I was soo surprise how someone like him can be a branch manager!!! I am so disappointed at this company if they keep talking to customers that way and charge us a ridiculous amount of fees I can see this company falling apart. Kenny and Debra didn't want to even believe that no one had mention about the fee and if there was nothing that was fixed they could've at least try to work out the fee I was charged. After I talked to them I told DEBRA not to come to my house to fill the tank DEBRA called me few hours later telling me I am not authorized to make any decisions. How the hell are u gonna tell me that?? My name was on the receipt!!! Don't tell me that after I talked to you twice before!!! She clearly do not know what she is doing!!! Why the hell did they kept talking to me about other things???Get your facts straight and then talk to me!!! No wonder AMANDA from customer service wasn't nice over the phone because maybe she gets influenced by these two unprofessional people In the office. They will lose a lot of customers by talking to customers that way and I would make sure everyone around me knows how I was treated. I feel sorry for elders that need help with the propane because I know for FACT THEY WOULD NEED HELP AND EVERYTIME WHEN THEY CALL FOR SOMEONE TO COME THEY WILL GET CHARGED CRAZY AMOUNT OF FEE for something so simple!!! That doesn't involve fixing anything broken !!!plus they come whenever they feel like and never sorry about the wait we had with it heat!!!Horrible customer service I WILL FIND A DIFFERENT SERVICE IF THIS DOESN'T GET RESOLVED!!! WORST WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

Nov 29, 2016

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