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Oldham, SD, United Kingdom
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The website leads consumers to believe that they are signing up to a trial with Rush My Trial in large letters. However when you get further on in the sign up process the text telling you that you will be billed £79.95 on the 14th day and that a full tub will be sent every 30 days thereafter is as expected in small print but also in pale grey so it is not as noticeable. See screenshot attached. Unfortunately my teenage daughter who ironically has no need whatsoever for the product signed up using my bank details. I accept this is my responsibility but the whole way it is set up so that the first payment goes as the 14 day free trial period expires is to me just totally unethical The attitude of the employee I spoke to was obnoxious to be honest. 25% refund is all I have managed to get so far.

Super Ketone Plus

Jan 28, 2015

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