Sunwing Travel Group / riu hotel service at front desk/airport montego bay jamaica/arrival into the country

Ottawa, ON, Canada

To start the airline gave us the wrong forms to fill out when we arrived in Jamaica witch delayed us, and they were very rude and it was not our falt. When we arrived at our hotel they were very rude handed us our package witch was suppose to have a safe key in there they didn't have any told us to come back in the morning and they would have one but didn't. There is suppose to be 1 for every room in the resort but they don't. And there was this smell in our wing witch was the deluxe side that was raw sewage the hole week we were there. We arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight and waited in a very large line for the full 3 hours just to check our bags, than had to run because our flight was boarding almost didn't make it. This was the first time we've had any issues and we've been using sun wing for years now, but this is making us think twice about traveling sunwing again.

Jan 31, 2017

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