Sunwing Travel Group / luggage delay and damages

Toronto, ON, Canada

Attention Customer Service,

I am writing this letter for two reasons. First and for most I believe Sunwing has to be held accountable and take financial responsibility for the delay of my luggage in Canada. As shown in the flight booking confirmation. WG272 was supposed to land in Toronto at 3:10, which we landed at 3:30 and after passing through the immigration we were supposed to pick up our luggages and be out by 4:00 pm- 4:30 pm given buffering time. I am generally a calm and patient individual and same with my girlfriend who was also travelling with me. However, it was very inconvenient and frustrating when everyone on the flight WG272 was waiting 3 hours for our luggage to pick up. When asked, a representative from Sunwing was misleading everyone that the luggage have issues with the belt carrying our luggages and they are almost ready to be picked up. Numerous amount of time they had mislead us on the time and nothing was mentioned as to why it took 3 hours. Announcement was made more than 4 times that there was a technical issue and it is being resolved and the time went from 30 â€"min delay to 3 hours. A representative did mention everything is being reported and to speak to Sunwing about this issue. This was honestly the worst experience ever. I am a frequent traveller and being the first time travelling with my girlfriend our trip did not end right. We were scared our luggages were lost, misplaced and we would have to leave all our important belongings behind and go home. Also, after picking up my luggage I realized my luggage had damages. It was cracked. I have proof of before I dropped it off with Sunwing and after. This is unacceptable and I am very upset at the way everything was handled at the end by Sunwing. Never have I experienced such insulting services as Sunwing where they held us back by misinforming everyone on the time of delay. I also made arrangements with a taxi to pick me up from the airport given buffering time. The Taxi left and I had to pay again to arrange for our pickup at 7:30 pm. After waiting for almost 3 hours, my girlfriend felt sick waiting in front of the luggage pick up with me and felt nauseous. Please take the necessary actions to investigate on this matter and I hope Sunwing can ensure me these issue will not happen again. I would like to travel again with Sunwing however at this point in time I am not satisfied.
Please call me back if you would like to discuss in details.

Oct 18, 2017

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