Sunwing Travel Grouplost bag and missing personal item and damage

H Sep 26, 2017

Hello customer services at Sunwing,
My name is Hanler Perez Nieves, on Sept.5 I used your services to flight to Cuba Santa Clara, my bag never arrived with my that night, I did the report that night at the airport in Santa Clara about the bag missing and they say that in the next flight will be sent the bag, the next flight was the next day Sept.6 i call but no bag was sent after that the others fights that Sunwing had was to take people out of the Country because the alert of the hurricane Irma category 5, As you may imaging was 48 hr and nothing to where used etc. then the Hurricane was there, in top of that no electricity, water, food etc. for over 11 days no news of the bag and I was over uses the same clothes over and over, no places to get a new clothes or bodywash, or any personal items in the city or provincial zone everything was out of services or destroy, don't ask me how, because I don't either know how I was able to pass 15 days with the same underwear, pants, and shirt but I did after all the rest is history, many time and $$ to try to contact Sunwing to know about my bag, many time contact friends in Canada to help contact Sunwing to know about it etc.

On Sept. 20 I got a flight after a big push that a friend did for me on Varadero, I when to that other province and city to get that flight that I didn't want to lose pay for that drive that was in my opinion over charge but I did to made sure that I will get the flight to bring me back, and at the end my bag was in Person and return one day before I got home. I check the bag and I know that is not Sunwing fault but some item are missing like a white ladies leather shoes and couple of dress too.

For more that you can imagining how bad was this experiences with no bag, and in top no electrify and water and place to get some of this personal item, you can not be able to know until you are inside and live that that I was lived for 15 days, 15 days with nothing to take care of my body, like shave, tooth brush, underwear (some time no used it because was wet, ) socks the same shoes over and over, and the same pans some time no shirt in the day because the heat etc.

I hope that nobody pass for what I passed, and I hope that Sunwing learn for this very bad experiences. I think that will not be a prices to compensate this 15 days with nothing else than your self and clothes that I was wearing, but if I decide to flight with Sunwing again I will like a free trip to any destination that Sunwing private to there costumer, I think that is the minimum that Sunwing can do to repair this mistake.

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