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March 31, 2017 - Present

We weren to be celebrating my 50th birthday and our 10 year Anniversary in February 2018.
We pre-booked with Sunwing to travel to Punta Cana from February 4th - 18th on March 31st. Until this time, we have been repeatedly told that our hotel/ flights were booked but they were unable to give us our travel flight times until closer to the time we needed to be paid in full which is November 30th (next week).

Last Saturday (Nov 18th), I decided to call Sunwing and was told our flight times. We then personally booked our seat selection for February 4th - 18th. Upon receiving our seat confirmations, the dates of our vacation now stated February 7th - 21st. After the 3rd call back to Sunwing to correct these dates, we were told the February 4th flight has been cancelled...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!
After trying to get information from anybody and everyone, we were told that our departure date has been moved back 3 days! I have never ever heard of that from anyone before! If we would not have called, when would we have found out???
Now, we have been told numerous lie after lie that we cannot get any confirmation sent to us till at least December on what we are getting but we are expected to pay the balance in full on November 30th. Who pays for something especially $6000.00 plus on a product that you have no confirmation of dates, etc.
Friends that booked with us cancelled this am and now I am now stuck with nothing for our upcoming "celebrations".

Thank you Sunwing!! I will be looking at other social media ways to inform the little people like us who are to trust you with our "special life moments" will not be BURNT you wonder why you are getting such a bad reputation now...Many people we have talked to are now saying the will never book with you again!
You advertised a product to us and have not stood by it for a minute.

From what we believe, you booked a Sunday flight that was never going to happen as there only seems to be Wednesday if your paperwork was asked to be presented to the courts that would be because you have no room on the 7th flights and everything is a mess, you are hoping people cancel and it saves you some grief...

Nov 24, 2017

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