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Dec 20 - Jan3, 2019
Wanda Flood

1. Flight 251 from Puerta Plata to Winnipeg
2. Emotions Hotel in Puerto Plata

1. I always PURCHASE my Elite Plus seating as I am a larger person and also travel with Oxygen. I usually travel a couple times a season to various destinations with Sunwing and always pay the extra fee to for the Elite plus seats.
On January 3, 2019 while travelling back from my vacation I purchased and occupied seat 2D. While waiting for all passengers to finish loading I was talking with the stewardess and asked if the plane was full. She said that there were 20 vacant seats on this trip. I was extremely happy that the 2 seats beside me did not appear to have been purchased by any other passengers. When the last of the passengers boarded, a couple sat in the middle and window seat next to me. My complaint is Why do you assign people who have not paid the extra fee to have these ELITE PLUS seats?? There were 20 available seats and yet they GIVE THEM (AT NO EXTRA COST TO THEM) to people who haven't paid the extra $ for these. I know that these people did NOT pay any extra for the ELITE seats. Put these people in regular seats. I have been travelling with Sunwing for years and this is not the first time this has happened. I have no problem with passengers sitting next to me in Elite Plus IF THEY PAY THE EXTRA FEE.
2. The hotel we stayed at, for the second time this year I might add, was Emotions. We were assigned room # 19208. When we got to the room and went on the balcony our room view was a unkept mini golf area and to the left a parking lot which also contained a pile of garbage. Since we were staying for 14 days I wanted to try and secure a room with a more appealing view. I went and asked the front desk if we could change rooms. He asked Why don't you like your room. I told him about the crappy view and the fact that we are repeat customers. He said nothing available right now come back tomorrow. I went back the next day and was actually brushed off and told to come back later. When I went back later I was brushed off again. Part of my group were having problems with the toilets in one of the rooms and were having to change rooms as well. We talked to the Sunwing Rep (a lady - can't remember her name) The rest of the group (4 people - 2 rooms) were switched to more accommodating rooms with fully functional plumbing. We were still not offered to be moved and as a matter of fact our room was not cleaned or restocked for the first 3 days (it was also hit and miss whether our room would be cleaned on any given day for the rest of our stay. Needless to say that I will not go back to this 4 plus star hotel and will also not recommend friends not to go there as well. After talking with the Sunwing Rep a cleaning lady did come and clean the room (after 3 days). We were also sent a bottle of wine and plate of fruit. Fruit and Wine are free at this resort so while being a nice gesture it was pointless. All we wanted to do was to be given a room with a better view than a pile of garbage and an unkept Mini Golf course. I thought repeat customers were given a bit more consideration as they are in order resorts but NOT this one.
I am asking for some type of restitution for this. I have travelled for years (my husband and myself until 2016 when he passed away and now just me) with Sunwing always paying the extra Elite charges (which has probably added up to a whole trip cost by now). Also for the Crappy room location. When you are exicited and fly off to paradise you want to see at least a part of the beauty of the resort or Ocean not be put in the GHETTO.
Please do not insult me by offering a $50 or $100 voucher for Sunwing. I think my loyalality to Sunwing speaks for itself and depending on the out come of this complaint whether or not I will be purchasing my next (in Feb 2019) all inclusive vacation from your company for that trip and also in the future travels.

Thanks you

Wanda Flood

Jan 06, 2019
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  •   Jan 09, 2019

    To the author.
    Your explanations are unclear for evaluation of the damage.
    You need to hire the lawyer in order to bring the civil sute to the local court.

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