Sunwingstolen items

30 days after my trip finished and a formal long list of complaints were sent to SUNWING customer services email ([protected], I am still waiting for an answer from SUNWING, the resposible for my 2 weeks package to Cuba, no answer received, the customer services line that not existe!
I spent Xmas and new years holidays at Las Dunas 5, called also Gaviota la Estrella or Star Fish.

My cell phone was stolen inside the room (many other people were stolen as well, I heard form the manager that they had more complains that night than check-in!!!)
Some items of my luggage disappeared on the flight arriving there
Long lines to eat on the 31st like we are in a summer camp not in a supposed to be 4 1/2 stars hotel

I payed more because of the high season and the holidays
I did not get the service I was expecting back

No support at all from SUNWING
No answer at all from SUNWING

I needed to pay for a new cell phone!
I needed to buy the items were lost on my luggage!

That is not my dream vacation at all! :( :(

Feb 07, 2015

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